Monday, February 4, 2013

Creative Corner: The Possibility

Can I be mad just because of the possibility?
Or is that it might happen eventually?
Haven’t I already known all that time?
Or was it the trigger that told me it might be soon? 
Am I neglecting the signs?
Or am I seeing them with my own bare eyes?

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creative Corner: Just Be

-“’Just be,’ I hear. I like to be near, ‘just be.’”
-“How about those in control? In the suit, they fit. In luck, they are stuck. Rules. They learnt the rules.”
-“But then, how come? They never have been what they are.”
-“’Just be’ is full of faults and wrongs as much as the goodies. A meter of success is hard to measure. To get there, you had to lessen the errors. For it, could be the fame or power; needless to say, the gold in town. Control. They learned how to control. “
-“But do they smile?”
-“Of course they do.”
-“I mean when they are alone and no one could see, do they smile?”

-“‘Just be’, soothing as it could be. Moving all together. Dance in the lone. Laughing from within. ‘Just be.’ How much is misplaced for those who wouldn’t ‘just be’?”
-“What could it be, when you ‘just be’?”
-“You will get rid of the clutter taking all the space. Even if you are left with one single seed, it’s better.”
-“How come you say it’s better?”
-“Poison might be oblivious. A whole garden could go in ruins. The kindness of one drop to one seed, the rain of many drops to succeed, the growth it could lead. ‘Just be.’”

Image Credits to: photostock 

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Creative Corner: Fire Is the New Deco

Laying down the street
Waiting for strength to pick me up on my feet
Gazing in the eyes of those around me
No one is left to speak
Silence is in echo
And fire is the new deco
Lack of visions
Choice is illusioned
Fear is what they aspire
Delusional is what they are
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Creative Corner: Baffled in Silence

In silence it suffered; suffered the pain it had postponed. Beg to differ? It wouldn’t care what you think matters.  Without an introduction, it was aching, not knowing the reason behind the desire, the desire of an unknown force for this to happen. Ignore it? Deal with it? It wonders.

What if it will keep pondering? Without a conclusion, it’s still puzzled. Too many times we rely on rules to act. Without a fact about what’s wrong and right, it’s baffled. Unease it had suffered.

- “Seek to be pleased,” it uttered.
- It doesn’t know what it had uttered. “The force wouldn’t come along the side,” it was cautioned.
- “Seek to please,” it redefined.
- “The force will be against it too.”
- “I am baffled”.
Thinks again. It thinks again. Delighted by the reminder it was offered.
- “Lies in the middle.”
- “Close enough, not simple as it sounds.”

Image Credits to: Master isolated images

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Creative Corner: He Wasn't Prepared

Once again he wasn’t prepared. He let time pass by and never sustained. Let alone the ambition he had. It’s all gone with an obsession in hand. To bring back what wasn’t once there, to try it at least once before he will let it all go away.

Tick tock, tick tock, he listens to the time pass.

He watches the different races being run. He wonders which race to him he belongs. He does the thing at hand and asks, “how come I am doing that?” He knows the answer at heart and so he never complained out loud. With every interruption, he allows it to happen. For him, resistance was from within. He knows he could finish it, polish it and have the beautiful piece at the end.

But, why he says tomorrow will be the perfect time when today he had the time? 

Image Credits to: graur razvan ionut
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Morning

When I was young, I didn't know about the morning. How important it is? It's not about the breakfast or the healthy meal. It's not about the routine of the multivitamins or the snooze button. I had to wake up just like the rest. I had to go to a place like every other morning. It doesn't matter if it's to a lecture or to go to work. I had to wake up. 

I had to leave the dreamless sleep and stand up. Take all my energy and wash my face, put the clothes on and head to where I am heading. Usually I am still sleepy unless I have a sip, a sip of my morning coffee. And if I missed it once, oh, oh,I just had my ugly morning. 

If it becomes cranky, I definitely had something to spot. My missed coffee or is it something else I missed? It's something I missed. I heard it short in time. I think about it much, but how can I get it right? I spot it when I mess it up.

I once heard it once. I couldn't forget it since. 

"Start with great expectations. End it with some gratitude." 

I think you heard it too. But don't be fooled like me. Expectations is a double sword. Brings wonders when it's great. Dull when you let it down. 

Image Credits to: : FrameAngel

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Creative Corner: Used To

Used to. 
Used to in the past. 
Used to the recent. 
Used to. 
Used to today. 
Used to already.

The best time is in between all the used to. 
The time when you realize. 
The time when you learn. 
The time when you say, "Aha, I just got it right."
The longer it stays, the peaceful it remains. 
Until you get used to this time in time. 

Then comes another that is novel at the time. 
You are not used to it. 
You resist. 
But if it tastes sweet, you are in trouble.
Tolerance over temptation depletes all resistance. 

So, what will you choose. To get used to or to let it go?

Image Credits to: imagerymajestic

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