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It has come to my attention that Egypt among other developing countries is practicing a new "marketing" trend called "Network Marketing". Basically, you will be approached by a representative of a certain company offering you to work with them in the business by becoming a marketer yourself. He/She will explain to you the whole process of making money through this scheme.

In this article, I intend to bring awareness to people of what is Network Marketing and how can you get confused by the legal businesses and the illegal businesses using facts, logic  and math!

Okay, so first let me explain what is marketing? "Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creatingcommunicatingdelivering (making it available in the market or the shops), and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society (for helping them socially, economically, or politically) at large." as defined by the American Marketing Association [1].

If we examine the definition by the American Marketing Association, we will find that an intended benefit is required for both the customer (by utilizing the product) and the producer (by making profit).
So, what you might be thinking now is what “Network Marketing” is? Okay, hold on, I will have to describe the kinds of marketing that it has derived from it. Legitimate Multi level Marketing (MLM) is the marketing scheme used to confuse new recruiters to join “Network Marketing” along with the Illegal Pyramid schemes.

First, what is a Legitimate Multi Level Marketing? MLM is a marketing scheme whereby the marketing of a product is done through the distribution of it to the general market by recruiters or distributors who will not only buy and sell the products but will recruit others who will do the same. It is very attractive because you don’t only get commission on the products you sell but a percentage on the products sold by the distributors that you recruited into the system.

This process is often confused with the Illegal Pyramid Scheme (It will be described later in the article). Therefore you must ensure that this process satisfy a certain criteria as stated by the US Federal Trade Commission [2]. The criterion is to: 1. Sell a real product 2. to members of the general public 3. without requiring them to pay anything extra to join the MLM system. 4. Commissions may be paid to distributors; however, it is paid for real retail sales NOT for new recruits.

Popular examples of successful MLM are Oriflame[3], Avon[4], and Mary Kay Cosmetics[5]. If you examine those three examples, you will find that they satisfy the criteria stated by the American Federal State of Commission to become a Legitimate Multi Level Marketing, that is—by 1. selling real products (check the website), 2. to members to the general public (you can buy it directly from the website or find in the market like in pharmacies or cosmetic stores) 3. without requiring to pay an extra penny than the market stated price, and finally 4. if you are a distributor you get commission on the retail sales not the number of recruiters (ie: getting the same commission whether you sold 10 products to one person or 1 product to 10 persons).

So, now what is Illegal Pyramid Schemes? Illegal Pyramid Schemes derive their structure from the Legitimate Multi Level Marketing, however, with some minor changes that may confuse new recruiters in making them believe it’s a legal business process. It involves promising participants payments upon recruiting new people into the scheme NOT by selling products or services to the general public. So, the commission here is for recruiting people, and that is not what marketing is about. It is described by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) [6] and Federal Trade Commission as a form of FRAUD.

So still, how does it work? First, you will need to buy a product in order to enter the business. Second, you will need to recruit new people to enter the business or market the product. However, you will not receive commission by just recruiting one person; there will be some restrictions like you will have to recruit 6 participants for each commission. The recruiters of this business help new recruiters believe that they will have to work hard for the first few months, and then a river of endless money will be thrown into their laps. However the MATH DOES NOT WORK! Please see the below demonstration [7]. 


As stated by World Development Indicators [8], the population of Earth on 2008 was 6,697,254,041. Therefore, if you examine the bolded numbers, you will see that it has EXCEEDED THE POPULATION OF EARTH. So, mathematically and logically speaking there is NOT enough people to make this process infinite.

You will tend to hear from the people convincing you to join the network or the pyramid that they have already made money from this process; most probably they are not lying. Still, the question lies, in which level are you starting? If you started at the top levels then chances are you will be making money off the backs of the recruiters below you, but what if you aren’t? Is there any chance to know where do you stand? The answer is: No!

As you get approached with this kind of business, which nowadays call it “Network Marketing” (I still don’t see where the marketing of products lies here). The recruiter will ask will advise you to recruit the closest friends and family members below you, so that they will make the greatest profit after you. Logically speaking, if you and your family members were in the top levels, then chances are you both will make money and be happy. However, what if, what if you were not on the top levels? You would have convinced the CLOSEST FRIENDS and FAMILY MEMBERS to join the business making them fall in the trap. Socially speaking, how do you think this will affect the relationship with these people? Do you think they will trust you with money again? Do you think they will respect you? Moreover, do you think you will have any kind of relationship with them again? Well, some might say depending on the money they have “invested” and some might say they will forgive him. The question is: will money be any good without those people surrounding you? Given that maybe you were from the levels who earned money and they were from the levels that didn’t.

As I am trying to analyze here, have you noticed that now we are talking about the money that we invested in this business NOT the money we paid to buy a useful product that we actually needed? So now that we speak, is it really a marketing strategy or is it a business model? It’s confusing, isn’t it?

Since I gave examples to the Legitimate Multi Level Marketing, it would be unfair to not give an example to the Illegal Pyramid Schemes. The most popular Pyramid Scheme working under the name of “Network Marketing” is QNET[9].
Some questions arising that make me wonder. Are the products available in the market? No, I wouldn’t find the watch they are selling in any watch store; they want it to be unique products that you will only buy from the distributors (unlike products of Oriflame that you can find them in any pharmacy). Can I buy the product online?No, it has to be through a referral. Can I browse the prices and products online? No, why? I have no idea! Are the products overpriced? Yes, the minimum purchase is for $600. The products are diverse such as travel packages, jewelry, watches and so on. Are they branded products? No. Gucci[10] watches prices start from $300++ . Mmmm… I think I would prefer to buy Gucci, wouldn’t you?

Some people would argue that the product is overpriced because you are not just buying the product, but you are investing your money into the business. Hold on, wait a second, let me check again the criteria that ensures a Legitimate MLM. Oh yes, I remember, it requires me NOT PAY AN EXTRA PENNY for the price of the product.

I then stop for a second and wonder, if I entered this business, would I buy another product? Let’s say, I bought the overpriced non-branded watch to join the business. If I want to buy a new watch, would I still pay this ridiculously high price for that product, or will I go buy it from Gucci, Bvlgari, or Mont Blanc. Come on, at least people would know am wearing a Gucci watch! We all like to showoff don’t we?

Also, the first time I paid extra money was to invest in the business, but do I really have to invest again? No, I am already in the pyramid. Chances are, my first investment was at the top levels of the pyramid (if I am making profit), who is to say I am in which level now? So another question arises, do I buy the product because I really want it, or is it just a business venture?

I can’t help notice that in the website it’s stated that the company has been up and running since 1998 and that the Head Quarters are in Hong Kong. I also can't help notice the countries where they have their offices in such as Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates. Well, anyone approached by this company might think “mmmm… I guess it’s trustworthy”. I thought so too, until I checked the activity of their website through Alexa [11] a web information company. When I checked this company’s activity (SEE ATTACHED PICTURE) [12], I was amazed and not so surprised with what I got. I’d like to share with you what I found out.

For starters (please check the Traffic Stats tab), I was keen to know the peak activity on the website. Since the whole buying and selling process goes through it, then, the more activity on the website, the more sales has been made.  I found out that there was no activity on 2009, and the activity started to boost in midst (June) 2010 which made me think, how come the company has been there since 1998 and the activity started only on 2010?  (The activity of the website was prior to 2009 according to the old website )

Secondly the company’s Head Quarters is in Hong Kong! Yaaay, it’s a first world country, which should mean something! Oh, wait they have an office in Singapore as well, that should mean the business is up and running in developed countries. Wait my friend, don’t rush into things. I checked the company’s worldwide traffic rank, meaning I checked the top countries that access and view the website. Since again the whole process is done online, then the countries with the highest rank are the countries that are more actively involved in the “business”. So let me list for you the first 10 countries: Sudan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Malaysia, India, Philippines and the US. Out of the top countries, only three countries have offices as stated. The question that I can’t find an answer to is why don’t all the countries that practice this business have an office? Another question is why are the top countries only developing countries? If this is business if flawless and guarantees profit if you put in effort and hard work, then where is European countries, Australia, Canada, and Singapore for God’s sake. Where is the activity of Head Quarters in HONG KONG! I am trying to use reason and logic here.

Okay, some might think I am a little biased here, so I will present the same information for Oriflame (SEE ATTACHED PICTURE) [13] an example of a Legitimate Multi Level Marketing company.

As you can see, the activity on the website is up and running continuing from 2008, maybe the activity was a bit low in 2009 due to the economic crises, and boosted again since the beginning of 2010.  Although it was low in 2009, it was still there! Well, I personally think that makes sense!

The top active countries are Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithaunia, Azerbaija, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Hyngary, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Serbia and Montegero, Greece, Peru, Chili, Belarus, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Spain India, Iran, and the US. As we can see, that there is activity of both developing and developed countries.

Up till now, I have been discussing the participation of this “business” and it’s affect on you personally. But then, this wouldn’t be fair to the society. As stated earlier that marketing should benefit the society as a whole.

Since I am Egyptian, I will try to examine the effect of this process to the economy of my country. Egypt is of course known to be one of the developing countries. We don’t use our currency the Egyptian pound to buy goods from other countries like the US importing using the US dollar, or the European countries in the European Union using the Euro. So, in order to buy any products from abroad, I need to first buy US dollar, a foreign currency, second I will need to transfer the money abroad in that case Hong Kong, third I need to receive the product worthy of the money I paid.

So let me explain it a little bit clearer, if I buy a $1000 worth of gold and I receive it in my country taxed. Then, my country is not losing; you got what you paid for. Nevertheless, this is not the case with “Network Marketing”. You basically pay double if not more the price of what you are buying. So the country here lost half of what you paid. If you paid $1000 and got a watch worth of $500, then the country lost $500 not just you. You might think that’s MY MONEY, I USE IT TO BUY WHATEVER I WANT! Well it’s true. However, if you spend it in the country, then the country will benefit by 1. Businesses in the country making profit from you 2. The goods are being taxed. If you import any good from abroad, let’s say you bought a book from, the country will tax you on that book, making the country profit from you. So, the question here lies, is the goods bought taxed? If the goods are taxed, then the country is losing half of the price you paid. If the goods are not taxed then the country is losing the whole price of what you paid.

Let’s assume that you will get commission for every 6 people you recruit. Meaning that by level 13, you will exceed the population of earth, and by level 11 you will exceed the population of Egypt. So, I am assuming that the business flourished and reached level 10, which will have 60,466,176 people. Let’s assume that all these people will join the business, keeping aside the fact that Egypt is a POOR country and not everyone can pay an average of $1000 to join the business. By level 9, the last level making profit in the country assuming everyone will join, an average of  60,466,176 * $1000 = $60,466,176,000 is sent outside the country  for all members in level 9 to make profit. How much money entered the country for profit? Let’s assume as they tell you that you will make $250 for every 6 people joining the “business”, that will make 60,466,176/6 * $250 = $2,519,424,000 to people’s pockets (the top of the pyramid making profit). Also, let’s assume that the top of the pyramid is in Egypt not in Hong Kong as they claim. That will be about $2,519,424,000 / $60,466,176,000 * 100%  =  4.167% of what is paid outside the country being re-spent again inside the country. Please do keep in mind that this number of people entering the business is almost impossible because a small percentage of Egyptians can actually afford to pay an average of $1000 to join the “business”. (Please do keep in mind that I have neglected the higher levels of the pyramid; I only used the calculations in level 10 for simplicity and demonstration purposes only.)

Once more, you might still wonder, why is this kind of business activity only flourishing in developing countries? Well, I can help you a little if you allow me. Pyramid schemes are considered a kind of fraud and can be sued for it in court in the US. In Singapore [14], you will be fined from $30,000 to $200,000  and might be imprisoned up to 5 years. If you kept on searching policies made by Canada, the UK, or other developed countries, you would understand!

Let me recall the definition of marketing. "Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creatingcommunicatingdelivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large." Help me understand how will that bring VALUE to the customers and SOCIETY at large? With some facts, a little logic, a little reason, and some math we all can make sense of what’s going on.

Technology can be very attractive and the quality of a website can deceive people into trusting it. As an IT professional, I believe that by providing just a web developer or myself for that matter and a domain costing $10, I can present such a classical and attractive window for the Pyramid Scheme. Hell, I can start a Pyramid Scheme myself and call it “Society Marketing” for God’s sake!

Note: I included references used so you can check up on me. If you find this article useful in any way please share it with your friends. We want to increase the awareness of such things penetrating and ruining our society and economy.

Check the article "Why DEVELOPED (1st World) countries are NOT involved with QNET? Let’s find out…" for more facts about Qnet:

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For Religion's View: Anti-Qnet Egyptians 

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Yahya said...

A point to add:
When they were trying to recruit me, they told me that the company vision was to provide Financial Independence to everyone....

Well, i can never see that happen when at best 1/7 of the network gets paid. In most cases more and more ppl have paid the tarrif for entry and are yet to recurr that loss on a lower level recruit.

Rami said...

I shared it on fb.. Thank you

Mo7y said...

This is by far the best explanation I have read regarding Network Marketing!

I didn't join Qnet based on asking a trusted religious economic specialist, who told me that this is haram(because it includes tricking people to pay money for a product they don't need, based on the profit promises).

But I had already had a bad feeling about it before even asking for a fatwa, the whole thing is suspicious and I was sure that something is wrong but I couldn't find what is it exactly!

Great article!

Sherwette Mansour said...

Thanks everyone for the positive and supportive feedback. I appreciate it :)

Sherwette Mansour said...

Mohy, regarding the religious part about network marketing. I would refer to the group Anti-Qnet Egyptians on Facebook :

It has a great explanation.

and thanks for your compliment :)

Mahmoud said...

Amazing research .. thumbs up !

U really said it all .. but as Egyptians we need to first increase the awareness of such a SCAM and second to highlight this point to whoever it may concern(Government, media ...etc.) in order to make the pyramid scheme illegal in the Egyptian law as well before its too late.

Sherwette Mansour said...

Thanks Mahmoud :)

I hope that more people read the article and be aware. After which, they can make the decision knowing all sides of the story.

I would really like that anyone who can take the issue to a higher level reads this.

John said...

Sherwette, please leave emotions out of a blog if you have even the slightest desire to convince anybody of your opinion.

Just because "you" failed doesn't mean others will too.

Sharifo jordan said...

I would like to thank you personally as a Qnet Independent Representative for giving us a hugeeeeee motive and push to fight morons like you who fail in taking the positive and true side of an amazing business opportunity or find excuses for them self to feel good about their failure..... i dont see ur country or you urself giving any opportunities or even a hand for us young adults to try and succeed in life like qnet PLUS A GREAT BIG THANK YOU cuz actually you are marketing and giving attention to us and if we were not successful i dont think you would of even gave us attention

ibrahim jordan said...

yeah it's a really good publicity..... thx mate :)

Anonymous said...

This analysis is brilliant, informative and evidence based, i mean who wants to do something that is illegal in some countries, or even work for a company that has no history or evidence of existence at the date the say they initiated there work......
Yet, this issue is now spreading in every place, that many people talked to me about it in the past couple of months which means this is dangerous.....
Thank you for your article

Anonymous said...

Yes I admitt that it is a great article and I'm totaly against qnet from the start but sometimes i wonder why do their prestenters convice us that it is not a pyramid scheme and why do most people join the business are business students?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your logic is flawed my friend. I joined Qnet and I do agree with some of the stuff you said like that its strange that there's no activity on the website in Hong Kong and that there's no way to prove for example if Bill Gates supports Qnet or not, but in general, its still a legitimate business that provides the opportunity for short term cash (even if its not the financial freedom they promise).

To the user named Mo7y, you and your fatwa specialist are even more flawed. What your saying makes absolutely no sense. Whats the difference between being an IR for Qnet and a salesperson at any huge company. Don't they BOTH push people to buy products so that they can profit off the comission and the people could benefit from the product? So by your logic it means that ALL SALES JOBS ARE 7ARAM...Hows that for logic.

And finally, what your saying about Qnet needing more people than the entire world's population to make money, thats bullshit lol sorry because if you want to think about it using math? than how about you incorporate the probability of failure which is reported by the company to be 80%. Meaning 80% of people who join fail in their first year and 96% fail in their second year. In other words, if you work at this right and slowly and help train those under you, you can potentially generate a continual stream of profit.

Finally, who cares of the FTC classifies this as a pyramid scheme. The MAJOR HUGE DIFFERENCE between Qnet and a pyramid scheme is that you get paid after 6 people, you don't have to meet annual quotas for several years WITHOUT pay. So OBVIOUSLY they ahve to put this 6 person restriction or else the company would go bankrupt instantly (everyone would get paid right away for every person they got). So this 6 person rule that your not liking is the reason ppl havent lost their investments and the company has been going for 12 years.

Sherwette Mansour said...

Dear Last Anonymous (I will really appreciate it if you gave me a name)

First of all, I am really glad that you one of Qnet representatives commented here providing the other point of view.

Your argument here strongly supports my point of view actually and I will like to demonstrate that for you and all the readers:

1. You confirmed that there was no or little activity in Hong Kong, still it doesn;t answer the question why? also why isn't i listed in the Direct Selling association in Hong Kong?

2. You confirmed that there is no evidence that Bill Gates supports Qnet even though you use that to convince people to join the Qnet "business".

3. You confirmed that there is no such thing as "financial freedom" which is one of the major reasons people join Qnet.

4. About the Fatwa thing please see the Anti-Qnet Egyptians page on facebook

If you are in the business, then you might as well inform yourself.

5. The difference between Qnet IR and other salesperson is the following:
- A salesperson tries to sell you a product by explaining all the benefits that you will get from the PRODUCT.
- Qnet IR tries to sell you the bussiness and not the product. When you want to join the business is when you buy the product.

Please anyone recall the presentation. At least you spent half an hour if not more being presented how the business works and how you will get rich, and only at the end are you presented with the huge diversity of their products that you can buy from in only around 5-10 minutes.

People buy the product to join the business not because they find the product useful. (At least this is how it works in Egypt)

6. You are saying that 80% fail in the first year and 96% fail in the second year. What kind of person wants to join a business with a failure rate that high? Again, this information is not presented in the presentation which might deceive the new joiners that it's a great business model.

7. You really think nobody cares about what the FTC classifies as a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is when you get commission for hiring PEOPLE in your case "6 people". In a legal Multi Level Marketing, however, you get commission for every 6 PRODUCTS you sell or whatever the criteria for a specific company.

8. 12 years is not that long.

The fact that the business has been there since 1998 as written in their website does not ensure 100% credibility; 12 years are not that long. I will give you an example of Bernie Meadof. I am inviting you to read about him on Wikipedia or just Google him. This is the biggest scam of history. It started on the 1980s and he got arrested on 2008; that’s a 28 years difference, so 12 years isn’t that long.

Finally, it's always good to know the other point of view.

All the best in life.

ahmed said...

so if Qnet really is illegal...why arent qnet representatives controlled , why are seminars contstantly being held...i myself wouldnt join qnet, but i just would like to point out that everyone likes "easy money "

Mangs said...

What I would love to find out is... who owns Qnet!? where is it registered? what is the company structure? who are its promoters/directors?

Dina Farid said...

For all those commenting above who claim this article giving them "Publicity", I'm sorry to inform you that you are proving every single VALID point of it - because apparently this 'business' sponsors a bunch of people 'fooling' themselves - this kind of PUBLICITY is called NEGATIVE PUBLICITY, i.d.i.o.t.s.! It's driving people away off its fraud!!
(please excuse the word 'idiots', I tried to use the least offensive as to respect you and the readers).

(I was laughing really loud to find there are QNET-ers who are obviously trying to defend their failure above, so naively! :))

I have been introduced to this kind of business by a friend, and in the very first instant I felt something's sn't right about that (since I am originally a LEGAL sales person) I mocked the whole idea, for all the VALID reasons you mentioned above.

I shared on Facebook, and I'm warning all my friends.

Thank you for sparing the time and work to make this clearer for people in terms of evidence and numbers. Well done.

Finally, I'm sorry for all my friends who got caught into this circle of failure. The least of them paid around 5000 Egyptians pounds... :(


Sherwette Mansour said...

Thanks Dina for sharing =) and I hope more people are warned because the investment lost is not just a few bucks.

tarek.mvupgo said...

God bless you, i hope everyone sees this

Nawal said...

As John said, if you're trying to convince anyone, you should definitely keep your emotions out of the way (basic Rhetoric skills we learnt in our 101 class when developing arguments). Second, any company in the WORLD operates as a pyramid (please refer to Peterson's book on Management 101 principles). This is called the traditional organizational model. It simply means: 1) The people on top are definitely less than those on the bottom in number: you have one CEO and say 200 frontline employees. 2)The people on top make more money than those below based on the delegation of tasks. This means that the CEO takes much more than an ordinary employee in ANY company of your choice because simply he is responsible for all the work his people produce. So, if you are against pyramidal schemes, then you are definitely against the entire world, and if you support it, then you support QNET (since you're saying it's a pyramidal scheme). According to what you said, then the whole Egyptian government should be sacked because they follow a typical pyramidal scheme (I am Egyptian myself). You also said that in MLM, you get a commission for every 6 products you sell not every 6 people you recruit in order for this to be legitimate. In fact, every person you recruit needs to buy THREE products in order to join the business. So if you hired 6 people, you actually sold EIGHTEEN products (max) or SIX products (min) if each one would choose to buy only one product. So that makes QNET perfectly legal.
You missed out a very important fact about QNET: you can buy the product WITHOUT entering the business, but of course you need to have a referral's ID. Why? The company wants to know how on Earth you heard about its products since they use NO ADVERTISING, hence the money that goes to the ads is distributed among the recruits in a form of commission. You hear it first hand from people who've tried it. Think about this, if I've tried a product and it's really lame, would I sell it to my mother? Think of your laptop for instance. If it's really slow and bulky, you wouldn't advise your best friends to buy it even though you paid almost 5000 Egyptian pounds on it. Speaking of which, in QVI you pay about 780$ for one week for 4 people as hotel bookings. Then each person costs 780$/4 = 195$ per person/per week. Then each day costs 195$/7 = 27$ then if you multiply it by 6 (assuming a very expensive dollar rate) you get: 167 LE approximately. I would be glad if you gave me the name of any hotel in Egypt (no matter how run down it is) that costs about 200LE/night. (You're paying this amount for a 5-star hotel in a foreign country so please don't say anything about overpriced products before you get sufficient knowledge about it). From the hilton's website (it's a 5 star hotel) the night costs about 100$ = 600LE in Egypt. Well, looks like I saved 400LE AND I'm traveling abroad :)
You also pointed out that QNET is not sponsored by Bill Gates. You can't be more wrong. In fact, Microsoft has a case study devoted to QNET entitled 'QNet Enables Growth by Building Cohesive, Global Customer Service Capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM' ( Why would they do that if QNet was a fraud? In addition, it's a partner with Virgin's Formula 1 Racing team (

Nawal said...

I don't regret paying 780$ for a one week vacation for my entire family and I do not regret paying 600$ for an Invoice service (I can make international calls with local fees, and yes this is legal in Egypt as long as you’re making business calls and since you're a networker, so all your contacts are considered part of the business) that will save me that same amount annually. Thank you guys for really strengthening my position on QNET. I came here hoping to find any solid reason for QNET being a fraud, like actual people who followed the system exactly as it should've been, and ended up making nothing. Instead, I became more loyal to QNET. Well done guys :)

mohammad said...

really thnx for this article u revealed this trap

Anonymous said...

I loved this article it makes it clear to those who have minds. what should their decision be.
Putting in consideration that we are directing it to ppl in Egypt it would be really great and with a higher benefit to have an Arabic copy of it. i t will be more inviting to read and i believe it will spread more and will have a greater effect.
PS: i loved your care for Egyptians money and i would really want it to spread more

ahmed said...

people who are not on qnet
I don't regret paying 780$ for a one week vacation for my entire family and I do not regret paying 600$ for an Invoice service (I can make international calls with local fees, and yes this is legal in Egypt as long as you’re making business calls and since you're a networker, so all your contacts are considered part of the business) that will save me that same amount annually. Thank you guys for really strengthening my position on QNET. I came here hoping to find any solid reason for QNET being a fraud, like actual people who followed the system exactly as it should've been, and ended up making nothing. Instead, I became more loyal to QNET. Well done guys :)

and everyone here will be inside soon will not be ur choice , it will be under our economy choice ...

ainestien said that law of saturation will never exist qnet will never stop...

we still get tv's and we have millions of tv's

i thought that i will find something make me stop networking and leave my job i been working almost a year and thank you q net :)

Diana S. said...

Thank you Sherwette for this amzaing article...It is very logic, clear, simple, well written and organized.

mohamed ibrahim said...

ana enahrdaa et3amly presentation bas ba3d el kalam el entoo 2oltoo da ..msh 3agbny w 7ases en quest 3aks kol dah and i will join now :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sherwette for ur effort in clearing difference between legal and illegal marketing.but i'm still confused because high percentage of my closest friends had been members in Qnet so please i need to get ur mail to send you some facts about Qnet to tell me if it's legal and beneficial or not to become certain sure whether to cancel sign up and become member or not.
my e-mail is:
Thank You again and Good Luck!

Sherwette Mansour said...


I hope you found the information useful. Please use the "contact me" form to send the facts.

All the best in life.

Rohit said...

Amazing article. I just hope it was true for the company you gave an example of.

But do you mean to say that if one fails in the School, the others will also FAIL? they must not try.

Is it legal? YES
Does it pay money? YES
Does it pay real good Money? YES
Is it working since 1998? YES
Is am gonna get profited by writing this? "NO"
Is Olympic Association stupid? "NO"
Is FIFA stupid? "NO"
Is Brazil Football federation stupid? "NO"
Is Ferrari Corporation stupid? "NO"
Qnet not present in 1st World countries? JUST A MYTH...

CEO of the company? here you go
(featured in Forbes, Business Today, USA today, etc.)

Rohit said...

Do you think if one fails the School, the others will also FAIL?

Is it legal? YES
Does it pay money? YES
Does it pay real good Money? YES
Is it working since 1998? YES
Is am gonna get profited by writing this? "NO"
Is Olympic Association stupid? "NO"
Is FIFA stupid? "NO"
Is Brazil Football federation stupid? "NO"
Is Ferrari Corporation stupid? "NO"
Qnet not present in 1st World countries? JUST A MYTH... READ ON

CEO of the company? (featured in Forbes, Business Today, USA today, etc.)
here you go

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous (Dreamer)

Thank you Sherwette...I find this article beneficial, clear, logic and incoprorates reasonable numbers.

I am a Qnet IR and I really thank you for the relevant and valid information. Being a Qnet IR doesn't mean that i should be blind and disbelieve facts that are presented in this article. Generating multiples of USD 1000 in the past few months doesn't mean that I made the right decision and i am on the right track. Moreover, reading this article will not make stop my subscription in this business or shake my belifs in this business. However, this article makes me think logic beyond the emotional facts. THINK, THINK, and THINK before i introduce the qnet plan to any potential client. i might end up with the same decision to be in the business and put more efforts in it but at least i would investigate more about qnet, mother company, letigation issues if any, reading a lot of article regarding "Network Marketing" in order to kill the doubt that i am fooling people or because i didn't complete my homework about the company profile, the people fell in the company trap which is my case(i am not saying that it's a trap but i'll search more and investigate more about this business so that i am 1000000% sure of what i am saying to the new potential clients and convince them with my beliefs on this business.)

With all my respect to the commentors above, whether you are with or against, I think Sherwette intends to highlight the hidden area of Qnet rather than his success or failure. let's take it positive, go and analyze the presented facts and if you still get the positive answer, this means that you are on the right track and you are not fooling your dearest family and friends (it's unintentionally because you are not aware of all facts)Again all Qnet IRs believe in this business and i find it a very smart way to market their products.

This article made me think more and look for details and investigate the information received from the company itself or its representatives.

(to be continued next)

Anonymous said...

From anonymous Dreamer
continued part 2

Now i have several questions and i hope Qnet IRs will help me in the answers (this a fact-argument rather than a defandent case). let's think togather and come up with authentication facts to assure that Qnet is a healthy business and great opportunity for everyone.

- For all Qnet IRs including me, what is the source of information about this company that we got? only from referreral? did anyone investigate about the authenticity of the information received? qnet partners? QI the mother company? what is the evidence that this company has been working since 1998? did our refferal present the trade lisence, certificate of incorporation,legal status and commercial register of this company and the represented branches? Again i am not doubting its existence but we should be able to answer these questions. i know that we don't ask for these documents from a supermarket or e-company such as e-bay when buy its products and we might recommend these products to our friends. yes this is correct. let me rephrase the question, did anyone join Qnet business because of its products or returns that i will get from this purchase? if it's because of products such vacation packages or QI communication (which i agree), why do we focus in plan presentation on the returns of this purchase? knowing that holiday vacations have limited hotels and you might not spend the whole week in one hotel but i agree that it's still worth it coz you are going to spend more than the package value if you went for a vacation.

Let me raise another question to identify the market need, what is the percentage of people in the arab regions who are travelling for vacations? and it's high, do they find that they have a wide variety in holtel selection? yes, i know that such holiday packages are targeting those people. how about the other products, QI comm is perfect and a must for everyone in this region due to the expensive cost of telecommunication,
what about the others, do they have a market? does anyone purchase them because he/she likes the product? if yes what is the percentage of those customers? Are they enough to generate the cap as IR told us?

I bought a gold product not because i liked the product but rather to join the network. is it overpriced? yes, it is although gold price is standard(i mean u 'll get approximately the same price for x grams of gold) all over the word.

to be continued

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Dreamer
Continued part 3

All of us are joining to generate high returns (we are not talking about thousands, but tens and hundreds of thousands) and we have the feeling that we are not going to be satisfied unless we get the cap all the time. this what put all of us on fire and we become energetic and very excited to start the business on the spot. plus we want everyone to share with us the gold opportunity. i still believe it's a great opportunity and i have faith in it but i want to make sure (even more sure than before) that i am transfering valid, accurate, transparent and honest information to these people even if they are benefiting from the product or the network....if this company closed one day, i will regret for getting people involved in this. Remember always that most of these dear friends and family are joining because they trust you and your logic. So at least as IR we have to make sure that information provided has a legal and authenticated source.

- after we joined Qnet, Why do we intend to use emotional introduction and closing in presenting the plan for clients? although these clients are our dear family and friends? why do we try to show the positive side and sometimes exaggerated (such as generating USD 650k next year or year after) ...i am not saying that this impossible but rather it's not easy and it requires more than 10 hrs/week as they tell us.
can we negotiate the potential risks that might arise in the future? of course not, because this might get the client confused although deep inside i want my brother or my close friend to think about their decision and be sure of it.

- most of our family and friends are employees regardless of their position level, so does this business target the employees because they have financial limits? Does this business target the deperate people who have many payments at the end of each month?

why don't they target high level managers and CEOs? for such people will purchase the diamond packages and thus generating higher commission and loyal points. Moreover, the friends of such people will do the same and thus it's a great opportunity for Qnet to generate higher profits? coz since i joined (a few months), i found only employees who are willing to hire their skills and capabilities in order to generate additional return.

Again i still belive in this business (maybe coz i am dreaming to increase my financial return) but this article made me think and think and think and look at it in the long run also reflected the hidden areas that we didn't think about it ...because we were only thinking of generating returns and even high returns which ends up to blind our logic part in our brain.

- does anyone really know any IR who generated more than USD 100k? did this IR provided you with the evidence of this return? if yes, please share them with us.

i know that many of you might disagree ... that's fine. That's why we are having this argument. To get valid information that help us to understand this business more and also to save our transperancy with people.

please, whoever wants to comment on this, kindly provide us or me with evidence of the information and let us work together to help mankind (RYTHM:raise yourself to help mankind)

Again thank you for this valid article...for the time you spend to write this are not gaining money for this but rather our thanks... if you know any articles or facts in this regard, plzzz share it with us .
to be continued

Sherwette Mansour said...

you're welcome Anonymous Dreamer ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally respect your research. well done Sherwette I hope that all my friends ,who would like to join, read this first to understand THIS FRAUD CASE.

Anonymous said...

How does is Bill Gates not supporting Qnet when it's website is powered by microsoft? If he thinks its a scam would his company build qnet's site?
I do not know how are you claiming that Network Marketing is a scam. Is Donald Trumph a maniac? I do not think so, he bought 3 network marketing companies called them Trumph networks. Bill Gates has his own Network Marketing companies.
Most of what you are saying it is true but the problem is that you built your analysis on a wrong base. You are saying that it is a pyramidic scheme which is true to be haram and illegal. But qnet is not a pyramidic scheme it is the exact opposite. It follows a binary system which guarantees that you have to work to earn your own money and it is not easy money. That what makes it Halal. If you want to make sure of the religious part of this please ask in Dar el Efta (Al Azhar) they will tell you that it is Halal.
And about the success rate it is not the success rate for you earning money, it is a success rate for you reaching financial freedom which is earning $3000 per day in 5 years i think it has to be that low. Come on not everyone can have the commitment and strength to reach financial freedom in 5 years. 97% of the world live in a negative zone financially, does that mean we are supposed to stop trying to be wealthy. We might as well die out of starvation now and save all the hassle. Network marketing is a fact in our life nowadays whether we like it or not. Not every engineer is a successful one and also not everyone who will work in network marketing will be a successful one. But it is worth the trial, you buy a vacation package which is very reasonably priced and you have the chance to earn money. We pay thousands to get our 16 year education and we also might pay for our post graduate studies and at the end you get 3000 pounds a month as a starting salary if you are lucky and you found a job. It is a chance for people to make money just let people breathe. Many of our youth are not qualified for a job or they can't find one. I think we should let them at least try to make money out of this. And what are their biggest risk in this? the answer is no risk at the end they have a product whether it is a vacation package or a watch and you can even make your money back if you just put some effort. Network Marketing is a new concept and will always have people who aren't a fan of it, but it will continue going on and booming as we can see it. Some might fail some might succeed in it but at the end isn't life full of failing and succeeding. What matters is that you should never stop trying.
An Egyptian

Anonymous said...

great article .....but we really would love it more if it is in arabic ....i wanted to share it on my facebook account the only problem that many of my contacts are really bad on English that is why your voice wont reach the majority of people in Egypt ...i think i will great if you can translate it into Arabic....thanks for the great effort ...Sherif Abdul Rahman

Anonymous said...

This is a great article. Very succint and informative. Questnet has caused alot of financial corruption in many countries, especially in Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and many other developing countries. Unfortunately most Questnet representatives are too presumptuous and greedy to even accept any of this. Please view the below video and if you agree with me post a comment under the video to educate those who are at risk of becoming victims of questnet.

Anonymous said...

thank you sherwette for such an amaizing, educative and easy to understand article. first i want to clear that i am not building my argument on a religious basis. my argument is based mostly on marketing and economic foundation as i have a bachlour degree in Marketing and International trade and have a profeesioanl expericen in sales and marketing.
i ve been introduced to Qnet through some friends, and i ve attanded the presentation that takes place after the friday system by the introducer of Qnet to Egypt. i hade a mixed feedback for the presentation, 1st a good one towards the business model and how individuales can make quite good money after exherting and putting some effort into it (like all of the ppl in Egypt.) and another negative feelings towards how the presenter introduced the ESBI model (employee, smal business, big business and Investor) he made it sound that the E and the S are bad,like for the employees, one puts so much effort into it with a low return at the end. and for those who wants to open a small company they have high risk of loosing their investment. what i wanted to tell him then but couldnt as they tells you before the presentation that no comments are allowed, and i can only ask the IR who invited me if i have a question. so, what i wanted to tell him that without the employees and the small business enterprises there will be no economy at all.
Egypt is in a critical phase right now, forign investment is very low, tourism is almost Zero, productivity is deteriorating badly. so it harm the economy when we transfers the EGP into USD (hard Currencey)and sent it away to another country. its very simple and easy to make up our mind about it. if we sent for example $100 out, and then recive in return as a commission $80 ( and here i am being very optimistic about that figure) yet still the contry lost $20. now if scaled that up to the real world we will be talking about millions of USD to be lost, doest that harm the economy. those who say that those returns will be spent in the country will be of a benifit for the economy, i would tell them to think again. because if the consumer price index is getting higher and higher by time,and yet there are spendings and earning with no domestic and low productivity, that will cause inflation rate to get higher.
and for the love of God, market saturation is a fact through out history. it will happen no matter what anyone els tells you. and the ppl in the later stages are the one who is going to suffer the most, if not financialy, they will feel that they are incompetent as they couldnt make ppl join. i have nothing againest Network marketing, but only when the reasone behind it is to make money through selling products. not by making money through seling products as the front window of selling the idea of how to make fast money, becuase that is simply not marketing. marketing is a word that emerged from the real commercial market when you have demand and supply, which include consumer+PRODUCT+seller. the prodcut must be of a benefit for the consumer, and everything regarding the prodcut should be revield (thats what respectful companies do.)
Network marketing should not be a bad thing as it is build on the Word-of-mouth concept, which is an important pillar in the marketing word. but again when it all comes to a Product or a service and not to make money by bringing people to pay money to get money.
unfortunatly people are blinded by the huge amount of money that is being repeatedly mentioned infront of them because as any normal human being we all need money.
Egypt needs us to work harder and harder and harder for it instead of sending our money to other countries.
thank you again sherwette for your effort, i hope we can take our opinion to the streets by making group meeting and explaining to people what they cant see for themselfs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sherwette for the effort. I really think your justification is better than the one I used with people ;)

Anonymous said...

To everyone who's in Qnet and is trying to defend it, you're just in denial because you really want to believe that what you're part of, what you paid for and what you spent time and effort on is real. Its either that or you've been freaking brainwashed. The logic's here, its clear and simple. Whether you chose to believe it or not is not my concern, but dont go attacking someone who took the time to point that out for all you stupid people with dollar signs in your eyes. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

i just love how u "sherwette"never reply to anyone who disagrees with you hahaha

Anonymous said...

Great piece of work.
I liked the analysis especially the math part and the economic side effects.
I hope people think and research before making decisions.

Anonymous said...

Also pls check this website that shows the history of any website on the internet

and if you check on, you will get this result*/

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherwette,

Please advise wherefrom you obtained the Math demonstration.

Moreover i checked the Alexa site and the maximum period they do provide is 2 years ONLY!!!!

That's it for now

sheraz said...

@ anonymous

How much you earned at Qnet ? ...

moe rabie said...

i cannt say nothing more than thank you , i think there should be a legal action against this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sherwet for this very informative article. I think I was just about to make a decision I would have later regretted. Although the financial implications are endless, I'm more concerned about the moral and sociological implications of this scam ! Thanks again !!

Sharifo Jordon:
I was a few hours away from buying into this scam and it was pure "fate" that made me run into this article which changed my mind. I'm going back to my friend and showing her this article as well.

So you still think this is good publicity ??? Good for you ;))

Abeer said...

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I've been approached by lots of friends concerning Qnet, and ever since the very first time, I felt there was something fishy about it, though I couldn't pin-point what it was!... Now I have researched logical proof! Thanks a lot for this... You've been way more than useful! :) :)

Anonymous said...

When MONEY is the product, this is Haram in Islam!
Like in Banks, you go and buy Money for a price tag (interest)


The same goes here, you're selling Money to recruiters, you're not selling the watch or Gold etc. You're actually selling money and money should NOT be a product and here comes the misfunction to the economy and to the society

Special thanks for the author,
Mohammed Osman

Anonymous said...

I have been approached by so many Qnet IRs, I weren’t convinced. They work on selling you the good old American dream. Hay I hope it works out for all you Qnetrs & if doesn’t Hard luck.

Asim said...

Few months ago I was approached by few of my old friends. They said they have an amazing business opportunity that they want to introduce to me, and they gave me the plea of getting rich very soon. So they invited me to a meeting, they showed me the below video;

They introduced me to QNET and they told me that I could easily make around $40,000 (US) in only 10 months just by purchasing a product and introducing only two other people to buy a product from the company. WOW…that’s a lot of money isn’t it? And it sounds pretty easy to earn. After reading the articles by the author and doing my own research and analysis, I found out that their claims were massively exaggerated. The probability of being successful is extremely low and most people don’t even make a dime out of scheme, let alone $40,000!!!!.

MY REQUEST TO QNET REPRESENTATIVES: (If you are reading this) PLEASE, don’t take liberties with peoples’ hard earned money. Don’t forget the most important business rule: “Caveat emptor” = “Let the buyer be aware.” let people know that the products that you are promoting are excessively overpriced, also let them know that they have less than 5% chance of being successful in this business. It is only then that you are conducting fair business practices.

Rocky said...

@ Sherwette Mansour: Really appreciate the time and effort you spent to write such a great article to make people aware of this fraud "Business" model. The modulas operandi of this flawed practice is very common. The latest one, varying a little bit, was follwed by SpeakAsia. This kind of stupid pyramind advertisement (i Wont pollute the word marketing for this) is just to extract the hard earned money from you. So here is the question which you need to ask from the IRs who show you every thing about your "dream" business. Is the company registered and if yes, where and by whom? Does the company owns trade license for conductiong business? Is the organisation listed in any stock market index anywhere in the world? Does the company showcases its balance sheet and profit and loss accounts openly to the publlic? Does the company gets audited by any external auditing firm? Does the company has got certificate of incorporation? Is the company regulated by any government regulatory body in any country which has established particular code of obligations? What is the average ROI of this business in a years span and average success/failure rate for propagation ( in documents and not in words)?
If the IRs are not able to answer these questions, just become cautious as soon they will start to say you that do you look for these information from IBM or GM or pfizer etc. The answer is you never tried to become a partner of these organizations, and you were only either a customer or an employee and seriously speaking realy business partners look for thses leagal questions inspite of the brand name. The IRs become irritated because they themselves dont know and start thinking that 'Oh... Looks like this fellow cant be fooled'
But you know what, they themselves have been fooled. Just ask them how many people they have sold the "business" really made good money and just dont go by words ask for proper bank transaction information.

Guys just dont be fooled, most of us cant sell a S#!T like this to our near & dear ones.

And thanks author, keep the good job of making people ware,


Asim said...

Nawal states: “any company in the WORLD operates as a pyramid … you have one CEO and say 200 frontline employees. 2)The people on top make more money than those below based on the delegation of tasks. This means that the CEO takes much more than an ordinary employee in ANY company of your choice because simply he is responsible for all the work his people produce. So, if you are against pyramidal schemes, then you are definitely against the entire world, and if you support it, then you support QNET”

This statement is completely flawed. He is comparing the traditional structure of an organization with an MLM pyramid scheme! These are two completely different things. Let me explain.

FIRST, as appose to am MLM scheme, in an organization (e.g. Microsoft, Kodak , Home depot)there is no upfront fee required, meaning that you don’t have to pay for an overpriced product in order to get a job as a CEO, accountant or a janitor. You get selected based on your education, expertise and qualifications. A person who is on the upper level of a MLM pyramid scheme does not need to have any expertise or qualifications at all. He just introduces two people to the system and the rest of the job is done by the under-hands. So no tedious task is delegated to this person. He just sits and makes money at expense of his deprived underhands.

SECOND, in an organization eventually everyone does get paid. The salary rates vary based on the rank of the individual(obviously). So whether the person is a janitor or a project manager they both still have a fixed rate and nobody, regardless of rank and position, gets deprived as a result of entering the organization; however, in MLM schemes, only the people on top of the scheme get paid and the majority who are the bottom make absolutely nothing ($0!). There is a huge difference between “having a lower salary” and “making absolutely no money (Or less than what you have paid)”.

THIRD, in an organization, people don’t get paid based on the timeframe that they enter the organization. For example, a newly hired CEO definitely has a higher salary than a janitor who has 20 years working experience. This is not the case in MLM schemes. Those who enter the scheme earlier always make more money than those who enter at lower levels of the pyramid, regardless of their level of education and other competencies. In fact, in the QNET presentation people are constantly reminded that “the more you wait, the more you will lose”. You don’t believe me? Go to YouTube. Type: “QuestNet English Presentation P 4/4”. Watch the video. In the video the presenter clearly states: “the more you wait, the more you lose”.

So let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s clear that the traditional organizational structure has nothing to do with justifying an MLM pyramid scheme. This comparison is just another gimmick used by QNET IRs to brainwash you so they can make their EASY MONEY at your expense.

Anonymous said...

What A SITE!With all these reviews I hope many brains are thinking straight?I'm a QNET IR and i'm inviting ya all.IT IS NOT ABOUT WHETHER YOU BELIEVE OR NOT,IT'S ABOUT WHEN!Till then,be good!

Anonymous said...

It is very unfortunate to see that people are still taking membership in Qnet. After all these years and all these people who have been ripped off...I mean would anyone drink a glass of water which contains poision?!!?
No. Then why do people take membership in a company that puts their money in such great danger? It is well proven that only 4% of members make more than what they have paid (and these 4% are always responsible for the 96% who have been ripped off).

Before deciding to become a Qnet representative please take a moment and think about the negative consequences of this decision on your-self and others. Their are better ways of making money then compromising others and ripping them off.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
my name is Marwan Mohamed I'm dentist from Egypt one of my friends came to my with the idea of "the great opportunity " as you named it and he gave me the all presentation about network marketing and gave me a list of INTERNET references including some videos to bill Clinton and other economic scientists frankly I was convened at the beginning but after that I felt that something was wrong and I asked myself what will happen after we all get recruited? How can we earn more money if we all became representatives to this company? and I decided to do more research on this subject and I was lucky enough to find you wonderful informative site it was eye opening and answered my questions and more it made me wary about my country as you can consider us as a new virgin market as you said i fear one day our economy may collapse and many Egyptians loss their life savings
Thank you very much for your effort and i promise you that i will spread your wards and website to all my friends

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Although i know my comment wouldn't add credibility to any of you on either side... but I just thought it might get to at least one potential buyer, and drive him away from this scam, this pure scam...

First, REPs say this is not MLM, urghhh ! lets see:
-- Do I have to pass beyond level 1 to actually get money more than i spent to get in the business "& make profit" ?? YES
-- Do I have to manage equilibrium among both arms of me "tree" ? YES
-- Do i have to go down more levels to get more profit ? YES
-- Imagine me selling you a car that costs 1 pound with 3 pounds, and told you it will cost you only 1 pound if you sold 6 cars, and it has to be 3 people from Maadi and three people from Mohandessin... would you go for that buy ? or rather get a car from a respectable dealer ? by the way, the watch is only worth 10% of what is paid, the energy product is sold @ doctor's clinics for only 100 % 150 LE ... and you are buying/selling it for 600$ ? damn!
-- So the extra money is for getting into the business ? what business ? where is the business actually ? use your mind !

Now, lets move to a more interesting part, some1 above said that only 5% of the people joining the scam are making profit, MAN, you are such an optimistic person :) only 0.3% make profit, check wikipedia for "MLM" and see the researches made, that is the global average, 99.7% for who joings, will loose...

Lets say you are such a hard worker and you would go for the 0.3% shot, did you know that you have to be a first waver to the scam in your country to be from those 0.3% ? did you know that if you heard about it from more than 1 person, that means the MLM is already deployed in your country and being a first waver already passed you LONG ago ?

At last, lets say you a risky enough to pass by all what I said, tell me, would you EVER succeed without getting people you already know into the business, people close to you, people you care about ? if you succeeded, do you think they will also get that 0.3% probability ? are you ready to loose their respect, are you ready to get blamed when they know the scam and point you as the scammer who did the fraud to them ?

Guys'n'Gals, BE SMART, don't MLM, its bad for your health, time, social relations, and for your money 4 sure... BE SMART...

Read a little about it in ""

At last, deeneyan, mesh ha2olak gheer estafty albak, lama teshtery 7aaga b ad3aaf tamanha, wenta 3aref enak hatbe3ha l naas tanya b ad3aaf tamanha bardo, mateb2aash nasaab ?????

Ahmed Akmal //

Henry said...

You know I can right now without Qnet go to people and convince them to raise money together for a project we will all work together on, and later grab the money and run.. it’s just that Qnet doesn’t run, it clears its name by stating: “you didn’t take it seriously” or “you didn’t work hard enough”.

Qnet creates the plan in a small versions, and flees it’s small groups… and repeats the invasion in different places. Once the pyramid scheme collapses, around 90% of participants will be compromised and deprived from the money that they had invested. When this point is reached Qnet clears its name with “you didn’t work hard enough”.

Don’t buy into this notion….The problem isn’t that people didn’t work hard enough, the problem is with the way that Qnet operates. Qnet knows very well that over 90% of its customers will lose the money they had invested without making any profit, yet instead of admitting this, it creates the impression that they didn’t work hard enough!

Palindrom3 said...

Impressive (for me)!
Plus, I would like to suggest sth because those Qnet-ers are getting sooo mosquito-like for me (Zzzz!). A recent personal (the next few lines are too personal, you may skip them) experience for me, A friend (sorry to be :D) has been chasing me inviting to their mosquito-based-community/conference -whatever- so, I may get convinced to join their "TEAM" :D, even after stating it loud and clear: I WONT JOIN! but...

So it would brilliant if you would be able to convey such an article in presentation form or sth during one of their conferences, they gather a lot, thinks about it, please!

p.s. I've skipped the lengthy comments, just in case, sorry for repetition.

Yazeed-David said...

I'm sorry, but this is not right.

QNET has been up and running since 1998.
QNET is in sponsor with Sir Richard's Virgin.
QNET has around 7.5 million IRs
and it is not as easy as this timetable shows.

and btw, did ppl stop giving birth to babies?!

you seem to have an anti-QNET article ratehr than what the title shows!

TVI Express are on a Pyramid Scheme. We are not.

QNET has paid and changed the world and its presence is well known.

Thank you for the study. but I am one of QNET and happy to be successful than anything else. I mean, 2000 dollars a week, and still saying denial!!

Yazeed-David said...

Please! know what you are talking about.
QNET is different. the tiometable is all wrong. there is no levels here.

and 2 becomes 4 and becomes 8, 16,32,64,128..... binary system.

how could you jumped a whole bunch of numbers.

Recalculate, learn about QNET, and respect what we work for. QNET sign is on an F1 racing car with Sir Richard Branson and his company Virgin!
on the soccer field. QNET sponsored Brazil Team in 2006
QNET is way different that you think and is more real than anything else.

get educated about Network Marketing and QNET

Kevin said...

Mr. Yazeed,

Please spend a little bit of time and THINK before posting a comment. The table is correct. It illustrates the number of recruits required to get paid. Look at the third column. Six people (3 left and 3 right) are required to receive the first commission ($250), that’s why the first row says 6, then each of those 6 people need 6 other people in order to get paid, that’s 36 new people. And if this continues we will respectively have:

216 people
1,296 people
7,776 people
46,656 people
279,936 people
1,679,616 people
10,077,696 people
60,466,176 people
362,797,056 people
2,176,782,336 people
13,060,694,016 people

So the numbers in the timetable are completely correct. You just didn’t take the time to think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Qnet advocates jump the gun in defending your absurd business without looking at the damn facts.

People giving birth to babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! llllllloooooollllllll. If I laugh any harder I’m gonna faint. Pure ignorance.......

This is a god damn never ending game. Keep duplicating the numbers and see where it reaches. Even if entire world population become members there will not be enough people to keep the scheme going on forever. It wouldn’t make any difference EVEN if the world population DOUBLES every YEAR or every MONTH…It’s never ending!!!!

7.5 million Representatives, Guess what? Only 4% of them have profited.

Anonymous said...

guys all of the above fight on qnet has confused me more....

i just want ti know is it legal in India?

Is the government sleeping if it is a scam? when will they wake up????

Anonymous said...

Sherwette, Thank you for the informative article.

You spoke the facts unlike Qnet-ers who had to pay an average of $1000 to register, based on biased expectations and unreliable promises. Let alone, the "zero risk" motive that Qnet representatives mentioned to me.

Qnet-ers, It's nothing but a "scam", don't try to garnish it up (for yourselves & others)

Qnet Rocks said...

Hi Anonymous from INDIA

I am another Anonymous from INDIA but i am a QNET IR.If you are in India you must be aware of the city DELHI and the town NOIDA where the world's second largest arena is set up for Grand Pix.We have our own F1 Car along with Virgin racing company.I think you know that Formula 1 is the costliest sports on planet earth.So any mosquito network marketing company can't own the Formula 1 Car except QNET.I think now you have got the answer.

Joseph said...

Please have a look at this nice presentation, clearly pointing at the illegal pyramid scheme in Qnet..

Please stay away from this legal scam..They never want to sell the products, they only want to recruit more and more people into this never ending chain..

Ali said...

Thank You Joseph for providing the link to that Amazing Presentation . It was awesome!!! It uncovers everything about this Scam.

I will make sure that I show it to all my friends and relatives.

Warm Regards

Anonymous said...

Qnet is a business opportunity for people. We do not force people to buy products they don't need. Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump support network marketing, Qnet included. Please do not prejudge the business based on this page. The writer has clearly no seen our vision. We give people the opportunity to become millionaires by starting with $700. There is nothing haram about it. You buy a product and become a partner. Then you get partners with you and they work for themselves and you. It is halal. If it was a scam, why would the Brazil football team have QNet sponsor them? Why would we be giving part of profit to the UN? Why would we have a humanitarian foundation called RYTHM? Why would we be a member of the World Economic Forum? Please respond.

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