Saturday, October 30, 2010

Qwiki, the NEW VISUAL and AUDIO Wikipedia Experience!

Where have the libraries gone? Why aren’t books bought? Okay, so we don’t have the time to read. We need the information fast and we are overwhelmed by receiving them. We have become lazy to do the research, and we are even now listening to audio books. We rather watch news than read the paper, watch movies than read novels and listen to songs than read poems.

We are lazy to read a long article even if it will benefit us; we don’t read much before go to a new place and some even venture in a business without being prepared.

Now, the new era of information has transformed. Everything has changed, so why not WIKIPEDIA. YES! If you thought that was the best invention in the 21st century, then check out QWIKI!

QWIKI  is the new Wikipedia! The information inflow has transformed from just reading into a visual and audio experience. You no longer need to read much to know about the subject. Just check it out in QWIKI. It’s not YouTube; it’s not just a video.

Science fiction in the 90s has transformed into REALITY in 2010. THIS IS WHAT WE CALL INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY!!!

Go to to register and become one of the first who experience the visual presentation of information. The NEW ERA of information inflow!!! 

By: Sherwette Mansour

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