Sunday, November 14, 2010

20 Things Might Make You Smile

1.     Finding extra cash in your pocket you didn't know existed. 
2.     Being messy in a hotel room knowing you don't have to tidy things up. 
3.     Someone pronouncing your name right from the first time. 
4.     Seeing a cute puppy having a walk on the street. 
5.     Receiving an unexpected gift. 
6.     Seeing a stylish kid. 
7.     When a taxi driver shows you a new shortcut to go home or work. 
8.     Trying a new recipe and everyone actually like it. 
9.     Finding something you thought you have lost long time ago. 
10.  Running in to an old friend you lost all contacts with. 
                  11.  When a friend returns a borrowed book and actually read it! 
12.  When a social event you didn't want to go to got canceled. 
13.  Listening to your favorite song on the radio that you totally forgot about years ago. 
14.  Accidently finding out that tomorrow is a holiday! 
15.  Getting a text from someone you like. 
16.  Fitting in an old jeans you were about to throw away.
17.  Spotting a parking spot at once wherever you are going. 
18.  When the weekend finally starts. 
19.  Dancing like an idiot when you are home alone. 
20.  Waking up after a nice dream. 

Some of these I really liked from 1000 Awesome Things, check it out to find some more! :) 

By: Sherwette Mansour

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