Monday, November 22, 2010

20 Things to Learn About the Web by Google

Most of us use the Internet daily and with the everyday emerging technologies and applications we become more tied to its use. It’s one of the reasons why many people now check their e-mails and browse the Internet from their handheld mobile phones; it’s because it has become part of our lives.

In spite of that, a lot of people have absolutely no clue how this thing works. Sure they can watch videos on YouTube, browse the Internet, read the news, search a little on Google, download music and videos, chat on Skype, Tweet or Facebook with comfort and a peace of mind but not everyone knows what’s behind that DSL cable or the wireless service you subscribed for and how actually you can get this huge sum of information from the Internet.

What’s behind the cables and the equations?

Google has launched the book “20 THINGS I LEARNED ABOUT BROWSERS AND THE WEB”, a very easy to read and understand guide for those who are curious to learn about the web with zero technical background. It’s simple and fun to read so give it a try.

The book covers those 20 topics or chapters:

1.     WHAT IS THE INTERNET?  or, “You Say Tomato, I Say TCP/IP”
2.     CLOUD COMPUTING or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your laptop
3.     WEB APPS or, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Appiness”
4.     HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS AND MORE or, this is not your mom’s AJAX
5.     HTML5  or, in the beginning there was no <video>
6.     3D IN THE BROWSER or, browsing with more depth
7.     A BROWSER MADRIGAL or, old vs. modern browsers
8.     PLUG-INS or, pepperoni for your cheese pizza
9.     BROWSE EXENSIONS or, superpowers for your browser
10.  SYNCHRONIZING THE BROWSER or, why it’s o for a truck to crush your laptop, part II
11.  BROWSER COOKIES or, thanks for the memories
12.  BROWSERS AND PRIVACY or, giving you choices to protect your privacy in the browser
13.  MALWARE, PHISING, AND SECURITY RISKS or, if it quacks like a duck but isn’t a duck
15.  USING WEB ADDRESS TO STAY SAFE or, “my name is URL”
16.  IP ADDRESSES AND DNS or, the phantom phone booth
17.  VALIDATING IDENTIES ONLINE, or “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”
18.  EVOLVING TO A FASTER WEB or, speeding up images, video, and JavaScript on the web
19.  OPEN SOURCE AND BROWSERS or, standing on the shoulders of giants
20.  19 THINGS LATER… or, a day in the clouds

It’s a lot of topics covered, and when you open the book, you might think man that is too long to read. You can always bookmark it and read a topic or two daily; I am sure you will like it since it explains the web with analogies from real life. For the IT gurus, you will enjoy it too.

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