Tuesday, November 16, 2010

75% of Us Don’t Notice Change!

Smart and sharp, everyone likes to think that of himself/herself. We like to believe that we can notice change happening in our lives, where that saying “when one door, slams shut another opens” aroused, yeah very wise; most of us don’t see it though. As a matter of fact, no one feels what he/she has had for granted until he/she loses it.

There was a psychology experiment designed simply to test if we notice huge change happening in front of us and guess what? 75% of the people don’t notice big obvious changes happening right in front of their eyes!

If 75% of us don’t see change in tangible stuff like this so much as a human being face, I now know why we don’t take note of all the subtle vague intangible stuff. 

By: Sherwette Mansour

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