Friday, November 5, 2010

Email Future Self!

I am going to read that book and one day I will go to Spain. What did I do last year? I wanted to start painting but somehow I got caught up. I am going to set a new year’s resolution and start doing all those things I longed for.

When an exciting idea comes by, we get so ambitious thinking I am going to do this and that. Life is like a rollercoaster and we always get caught up; it’s always easier to wish for things you will do but never plan them out. A mental fantasy takes place and there is always a reason to postpone.

Whether your dreams can be accomplished within a month, a year or 5 years , you sometimes tend to forget them. You say it’s not the end of the world now and your life is still ahead of you. Maybe now you are so down and feel like there is no hope thinking you will never be happy or rich.

What if you sometime in the future got a letter or email from yourself? It’s not like a reminder but more to see how things are going with you. Did you accomplish your new year’s resolution or did you  just fantasize about it all year?

You might have a chance to do that!

Write an e-mail to your future self in a month, year or even 10 years time. Forget about it and try to do all the things you always wanted to do and one day it will pop in your email; a letter written by you to you.

Dear Future Me,

I hope by now I have…
I was really feeling ... , but today I must have…
You LAZY girl!!! Don’t tell me you haven’t started … yet!
If you are reading this...
I wonder if I... 
I knew it was going to be okay! 
I told you, you could do this! 

If you are interested in the idea you can go to and try it yourself. 

Image Credits to Photographer: Simon Howden

By: Sherwette Mansour 

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