Sunday, November 7, 2010

Facebook Knows Your Love Life

Not only did Facebook has made your love life a public display among your so-called “friends” , but has also allowed the use to some of your data to analyze the relationship trends throughout the year, especially breakups or “breakup seasons”.

A British designer, author and writer David McCandles along with Lee Byron who is an information interaction designer at Facebook studied 10,000 Facebook status updates (of users not so keen about their privacies) that contained the words "break up" or "broken up". After, which they came up with this chart.

graphic by David McCandless

Breakup seasons:

1.     Some breakups happen on Valetine’s Day; not sure if the couples met each other’s expectations.
2.     A lot of breakups take place during Spring Break maybe to enjoy a summer’s single life.
3.     April Fool’s Day has quite a boost; perhaps couples took it too far in the lying.
4.     Breakups take place one Mondays clearly because they screwed up a weekend.
5.     2 weeks before Christmas couples breakup, possibly because they are cheap and don’t want to buy presents.
6.     Lowest point during Christmas; it’s time to enjoy the holidays and forget about the drama I guess.

Regardless of analyzing random data to generate some conclusion of relationships trends, Facebook can really mess up your love life in many ways. I came across the 5 Ways Facebook Changed Dating (For the Worse)by Samuel Axon, and according to him Facebook can wreck apart your relationship by:

1.     Overanalyzing Will Drive You Crazy
2.     You See All the Action Your Ex Is Getting
3.     Relationships and Breakups Are Public
4.     It’s a Record of Every Relationship Mistake You’ve Made
5.     Other People’s Comments Will Make Your Date Jealous

The Facebook breakup chart was a result of your unprotected data scattered on the Internet and social networks. Whether you are okay with it or not, you need to be aware that random information is in fact powerful. Also, as mentioned by Samuel Axon, it can really result in tiring arguments and struggles with your partner that you didn’t have to deal with before. 

  1. Facebook Status Updates Tell the Story of Romance Gone Awry [INFOGRAPHIC]
  2. 5 Ways Facebook Changed Dating (For the Worse)
By: Sherwette Mansour 

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