Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quit Speaking Your Dreams Out Loud

We all have dreams and goals and our human nature tells us to share it with our friends and family; we like to feel supported. Some people get their motivation externally i.e. they are not self-motivators and get their driving motives from others. Yet, studies and tests since 1926 have shown otherwise.

Derek Sivers argues that you are less motivated to work when you have announced your goals to others. When you get the affirmation, acceptance and delight of social recognition, you tend to get lazier to accomplish your goals; your mind tricks you into believing the talking is the actual accomplishment. See attached video.

Aside from the great feeling you get when you tell others your goals and having them acknowledged, not everyone will agree with you about your goals; some might think it’s silly or impossible to do, which will be making them a negative effect on your motivation. So, leave the microphone for a while and just zip it till you make it.

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