Sunday, November 28, 2010

Which Career Fits You?

More often than not people get to choose their career path based on the current economic situation, the job that pays the most or is actually available, what the future needs and what their parents think is best for them. Very few people nowadays go for what they actually enjoy doing due to many reasons among them are social and economic pressures. 

What if all jobs are high paid and give you the same social and economic status? Will you still be doing the job you are doing right now or studying the course you chose based on the very careful future planning? CareerPath has designed a Career Planner Quiz that examines your interests and style based on your gut feelings. It helps your discover what career you will enjoy the best (interests) and how you are going to accomplish (style) them regardless of your current skills that you possess. Remember you can always learn what you love; striving for education should not reach an end.

I tried it myself and my results were quite accurate. Don’t worry it’s short with 24 MCQ questions only.

About CareerPath is designed to assist you in making the right career decision - a decision that meets your unique interests and personality. offers the following services to lead you down the right path...

By: Sherwette Mansour

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