Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coke or Pepsi? Why Do We Have Brand Loyalty & Love?

When two girls have been just introduced and found out they have the same horoscope sign, all of a sudden there is a common spark between them. If you travel abroad and see a person from your country or your university, you automatically love them at the first sight. There is a sense of belonging and attachment that we feel when we find out common factors with people we just met.

The same can happen when you see people being loyal to a certain car, OS, cloth, soda or mobile phone brand such as Nokia or Samsung and that’s how the BlackBerry  and the iPhone population was formulated.

However there is a difference between a horoscope sign and a brand. You really didn’t choose your date of birth or your country and chances are you choose your university based on research. There is not a clear reason however why would someone be loyal to DELL computer not to HP or visa versa even if the specifications of the computer is not as they require. For instance, people who choose to buy DELL computer no matter what. Okay, now try to answer this question: Do you prefer Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Why?

Whichever you chose, the popular reasons for your favourite soda company would be its has more/less soda, it’s sweeter, I like the design of the can or I like the taste of it. Come on, it’s just soda!

The first scenario of the two girls with the same horoscope getting along can easily explain the granfallon tactics, whereby human beings feel closer and develop a sense of loyalty to certain groups based on meaningless connections and associations. Brian W. Vaszily argues in the article “People Who Drive Silver or Blue Cars Should NOT Read Thisthat companies make use of granfalloon tactics in their marketing strategies to attract customers for their loyalty by developing the sense of THEM Vs. US. It's a way to develop different teams and sense of belonging. 

Marketers manipulate us by making us fall into categories that make us feel we belong to them even if they don’t make sense, and thus we have brand loyalty and loveNevertheless, I tend to believe that we let marketers manipulate us into loving things that we already love and want.

Read more abougranfallon tactics:

People Who Drive Silver or Blue Cars Should NOT Read This”  by Brian W. Vaszily
By: Sherwette Mansour 

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