Saturday, December 4, 2010

Internet Shows Off Your Creativity!

I once knew a girl let’s call her Malak who was extremely talented; she had that artistic talent innate in her. Whenever she heard a musical piece, she can magically replay it on the piano without even taking a single music lesson or listening to it for the second time. She even started to compose her own music. Music was not her only gift though, she drew amazing comics and all with brand new characters only from her own imagination and once again she never took a single drawing lesson. She didn’t even self-educate herself from the Internet like many of us do including me. However, she never pursed a career in art or music. She went to a medical school instead and she hates it! What is even sadder that even though she played all those musical pieces and created all those amazing comics and drawings, she never knew she is that good! She never realized that there are actually few people who are like her, and she gave up her hobby because she got caught up in life’s responsibilities.

As I am telling this story, you might be thinking why I shared this sad little story. There is one huge reason, which is that I really hate it when passion and talent goes wasted. It just breaks my heart. Not all people have passions toward a certain niche like Malak and not all people actually know what they want to pursue in life; it’s just that everything is fine with them. In spite of that, many people have hobbies that can be a kind of sports, dancing, art, music, writing, programming, electronics, puzzles, history, politics, reading, movie making, photography and the list goes on.

Having a hobby itself can be your passion without you realizing it. If you think about it for a moment, a hobby is something you do in your free time, which means you really enjoy it because let’s be honest no one does something that bores him/her for pleasure!

The good news is that unlike Malak you can share it and get noticed.

Let me put it out in another perspective. When you do a certain kind of job or any job for that matter, you always appreciate some feedback or something back in return. Whether it is money or praise, it motivates you. Yet, somehow the money reaches some level where it satisfies you and no longer brings you the delight it started off with, but the pleasure you get from being recognized and admired for something you created is unforgettable and basically you will never get enough of it! Alright, how will that happen?

Thanks to the Internet, social networks, YouTube, blogs or the online and digital age in general, you can share everything and get noticed, be praised and receive tips of how to improve. You can even watch your competition from all over the world and try to be better. I always thought that being the best in a place is not always best for you, because it demotivates you towards striving to be better.

Take some time and watch How YouTube is Driving Innovation by Chris Anderson and tell me if you decided to share what you have got out there in your heart.

For those who are worried that their work will not be documented, thanks to the digital age it can be. Every bit of it can be documented and moreover copyrighted! Any published material on the Internet by you is copyrighted to you. That’s just in case you are worried someone is going to steal your work!  

Internet shows off your creativity, so use it!  
By: Sherwette Mansour 

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