Friday, December 24, 2010

Love Replaces Painkillers!

For those who don’t believe in love, I have got some bad news for you!

No, I don’t mean the worldly love toward living things, nature, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, hobbies, jobs or any of those things we might love. I mean the falling in love I don’t want to be with anyone else kind of love, the romantic love.

The passionate feeling of love can turn into a heartache if the relationship was broken up; some people even get sick, physically sick when are brokenhearted, so why wouldn’t love be a medicine for physical pain in a healthy loving soothing relationship?

The answer is yes, love can replace painkillers! 

According to TIME, Dr. Sean Mackey, chair of the pain management division at Stanford University, conducted a study among 15 volunteered couples who were passionately in love. In the study, each subject would be holding a heated device in one hand while three separate tests were conducted to compare pain endurance, which are
1)    looking at the lover's picture,
2)    looking at an equally attractive friend and,
3)    solving mental tasks.

Results: The subjects withheld the heated device longer and felt less pain when looking at the lover’s picture.

Mackey pointed out that love activated different parts of the brain. In fact he analogized the effect of love in alleviating pain to that of drugs such as cocaine!

Unfortunately, love cannot be subscribed nor is it a button to be clicked and instantly activated. However, if you are in a loving relationship, cherish it; if you are heartbroken and decided you wouldn't open your heart to another soul, then you might want to change your mind; and if you really still don't believe in love, tough luck!

By: Sherwette Mansour 

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