Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No One Cares, Bleeds to Death and Here Is Why!

Let me ask you a question to ask yourself, “If you saw someone out of his/her conscious or lying painfully on the side of the street, would you go help him/her? Would you at the very least call the police or ambulance?”

If you have to answer this question to anyone, the obvious response is “Of course, I will help” or “I will do whatever in my power to get him out of his misery.”

Let’s be honest, if you said otherwise, then you will look like a total douche and nobody wants to be perceived as that, right?

The question therefore again is for you only to answer to yourself, are you really going to help him? Think again. It doesn’t matter how brave you think you are or how many good manners you think you have, because statistically speaking you wouldn’t help!

It is the Bystander Effect, which is a social psychology phenomenon revealing that the number of people willing to help in an emergency situation decreases as more bystanders are present. In other words, if you are in need for assistance in a crowded place, chances are no one will help you. This is because as the number of bystanders or people in a certain area increases, the sense of responsibility to help someone in need decreases. You will be thinking "Hmmm... Someone else will surely help this poor dude." Guess what? No one will and it’s not only you who will think this way!

Okay by now, you might be thinking “Yeah, most people will leave this dude sunk in his misery, but not me. I will help him!” Once more, you are mistaken!

Watch this psychology experiment whereby victims are in need of assistance in a very crowded place and receives no help.

It's interesting to see that when the victim seems to be of a certain status of conveys importance and value; people will go help him instantly.

This was just a psychology experiment, but now you can watch in the video below real crimes happening in the middle of the crowd and no one really cares.

A man not conforming to the rule of bystander effect gets stabbed and left bleeding to death after helping a woman being mugged! This man died while he had a chance to live if someone as little cared as to call the police or an ambulance. Unfortunately, no one cares and everyone is so afraid to stand out from the crowd to do anything to help a needy helpless man at the side of the street.

It is so sad how people have become so passive with no manners.
By: Sherwette Mansour

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adelbasil said...

its a very true and a very shocking psychological phenomena. there is one more excuse that is very important to add here and that is the danger of being harmed urself or even worse being accused and arreseted for the crime of harming the victim. i mean once u bring the man to the hospital or even call an amublance ur automatically a suspect in the crime which is complete bullshit coz i never heard of anyone who stabbed and called the ambulance. anyways good point u raised here sherwette and i suppose the advice would be to dress like the people ur walkin around.

Sherwette Mansour said...

It's true people are afraid of getting involved, yet so sad! It's even better if you dressed more decently than those around you! zaman menayel :S

amr raouf said...

I think it's all realted to the fear which is already included inside us, we are afraid from helping someone because we don't know what will came from it.
will it bring good or bad things??
i don't know who am going to act with something like that because i haven't get through it before but what am sure about that's am going to fight myself and my fear from helping someone who needs help....
and am not going to say that's am going it because that's what i have to do but i will do it because it will gives me a good feeling about my self that's am good
some sort of selfish maybe but it at least it will give me the ability to help

Mahmoud Elfar said...

I studied this phenomenon before and let me assure something: it is totally culture-dependent phenomenon. I couldn't remember anytime where there is a street fight or an accident in Egypt without people gathered trying to figure it out a solution. Some cultures have a high value for helping strangers, while other cultures don't. Sometimes people fail to do the right thing or know it but fear the situation itself - as mentioned, but - at the end - people act upon what they believe.

Sherwette Mansour said...

It might be of course culture dependent. However, in Egypt, do people gather to actually "solve" the problem or do they silently watch?

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