Thursday, December 30, 2010

Set Some Goals and Reward Yourself!

Your everyday life will determine your life; there is no tomorrow and there was no yesterday; they are all just today in the past or the future. What you do today is what you will do for a long time. Settling for a routine that wouldn’t take you to your dreams is just not an option. Point is having dreams is great, but doing some actions to reach them is another story.

Dreaming is a step, but how about starting? Setting some goals; writing them down and breaking them up into baby chunks to fit them in the daily routine. Each time a goal is achieved, a step closer to the end line of the dream has been made. 

Still, we beat ourselves up when we have messed up. Some even dive into the ocean of regrets and think “what the hell were I thinking?” We easily forgive others and hardly forgive ourselves forgetting that we are only humans and its okay to make some mistakes. If you want to live mistake free then make sure you don’t try anything new and this is how you will be condemned to the slow death of your very own soul.

Rarely do we reward ourselves for a victory. When we set goals, whatever they are and accomplish them we feel happy. However, how many times did you celebrate an accomplishment or success that you have achieved? So when you are the judge of yourself, you punish but not reward it? It doesn't feel fair to me. Does it feel fair to you?

I say let’s celebrate whenever we can. I say let’s set goals and reward ourselves each time we achieve them! 

Happy New Year!

By: Sherwette Mansour

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