Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Software Engineers, Get Some Sleep!

Software engineers, you are insomniac and this is bad news for you.

A recent research by Sara Sarrafi Zadeh and Khyrunnisa Begum from the University of Mysore in India has been conducted to explore the association between insomnia and the quality of life among 91 software engineers aged between 21 and 45.

Many professionals other than software engineers may suffer from insomnia as well, but the fact remains that IT professionals and software engineers suffer from the highest stressful jobs; 97% of software developers claim they are affected by workplace stress on a daily basis. This might be due to the high competency of the job and the rapid advancement of technology that forces both the employers and employees to be up to speed and unfortunately left them with no sleep. The study has shown that “35.2 and 20.9% of the software engineers had mild and sever insomnia compared to 21.7 and 15.6% respectively in the general population”.

The bad news is that a very little percentage of those suffering from insomnia actually seeks help. Let alone that they are not aware of the consequences that they might face.

In light of the insomniac affects of human mental and physical health, it is essential to highlight the serious effects that one may encounter from sleep deprivation ranging from fatigue, diminished energy, difficulty in concentrating, memory impairment, low motivation, low productivity, irritability, anxiety and interpersonal difficulties. In fact while ignored, it may lead to severe depression and coronary heart disease. It can also lead to job loss and result in problems with personal as well as professional affairs. Therefore, the authors argue that awareness programs; sleep assessments and preventive measures should be taken regarding improper sleep and not at all be neglected.

Getting a good night sleep is essential for your quality of life. Take a break, and get some sleep!

By: Sherwette Mansour

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