Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10 Freelancers Grown Into Small Businesses

Some of us really want to own our business one day, but never taken the steps or didn’t know how to get there. Thankfully the digital world has made it much easier for anyone to start. (See “Start your own Business, Start Freelancing!” to start off).

Freelancers, however, reach some kind of growing limitations because it is solo. Taking it to the next level, freelancers grow into small business and become entrepreneurs who might even develop into big corporations “one day”.

Whether you want to become a freelancer or you are already a freelancer who wants to grow into an entrepreneur, read this article: “Freelance to Small Business: 10 People Who Made the Transition” by Thursday Bram, OpenForum and get inspired!

You can get there if you want it bad enough. 

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