Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Many Are Leaders? How Many Are Followers?

It is amazing how much people are willing to believe without questioning the statements being told to them. In any group of people, you will always see those who lead and those who follow; those who take the responsibility to figure things out and those who wait for instructions on what to do next and; those who have their goals and those who are ready to be enslaved into the process.

It didn’t surprise me that when an article published saying Facebook is going to shutdown on March 15th earlier this month,  the whole Twitter and Facebook population freaked out about the fake news. People started downloading their pictures and making up accounts on Twitter to get ready for the coming shutdown. They didn’t even notice how fake is the website, how all the other articles written there are unreliable and they didn’t even check the sources. They just believed it!

It didn’t surprise me when people believed the rumors about Megan Fox being a dude. Really, can such a gorgeous girl be a dude? Still people believed it. It didn’t surprise me when people got scammed either. It’s amazing how many people are willing to start a business without researching; how many people are willing to travel without learning anything about the place beforehand and; how many people are willing to marry anyone just to be married.

No, it also doesn’t surprise me that people take books written by scientists as if they are holy and as if they are unmistaken. It has become so common to see many people reading the books, memorizing and parroting them without as little as realization as to understand the concept behind them. They might have not realized that the Earth was sought to be flat and that the scientists were many times wrong. 

In every group whether it was in school, college, a sports team, a business meeting or any crowd for that matter, there will always be the leaders who will lead the greater crowd of the followers to follow their lead. No questions asked.

It seems that people don’t question things or ask how come. It has become normal that so much of the populations in any society are willing to believe what is just said to them only because they are lazy to think otherwise. It’s sad, isn’t it?

How many are leaders? How many are followers? 
Image Credits to Photographer: renjith krishnan

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Mohamed Abdelazim said...

i think it is normal to find the followers are greater than the leaders but it does not mean that followers should not ask how come or ask questions and even try to find solutions to improve the process that the leaders and followers follow .. and at the end all the leaders and followers will follow that process.

Sherwette Mansour said...

Mohamed, you brought an important point and I agree with you. Followers need to understand first before they just blindly follow. After all, some people are leaders in some places and followers in another.

Thanks for the comment ;)

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