Monday, February 28, 2011

If You Sleep Late, It Just Means You Are Smarter

There are two kinds of people, morning people and night owls.

Morning people wake up real early, fresh to eat breakfast, very energetic, go for a run, excited to work as soon as the sun rises and go to bed early. It somehow gives the impression that those who don’t feel the same in the morning are just a bunch of lazy people, an impression that draws night owls as they are out of the norm and not as good as the morning people.

Apparently, that is not true (the part about night owls)!

Two studies discussed in a Psychology Today article, Intelligence: The Evolution of Night Owls, however came to proof that this concept wrong. If you sleep late, it just means you are smart. Even better, the studies show that night owls are smarter with higher IQs!

According to the article, these are the average IQs in relation with the bed time.

Very Dull (IQ < 75)
Weekday: 11:41 P.M.-7:20 A.M.
Weekend: 12:35 A.M.-10:09 A.M.

Normal (90 < IQ < 110)
Weekday: 12:10 A.M.-7:32 A.M.
Weekend: 1:13 A.M.-10:14 A.M.

Very Bright (IQ > 125)
Weekday: 12:29 A.M.-7:52 A.M.
Weekend: 1:44 A.M.-11:07 A.M.

So, the question is: When do you go to bed? :) 
Image Credits to Photographer: Filomena Scalise

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