Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Point Behind “Freedom of Speech”

Knock, knock. Who is listening? 

The real point behind “freedom of speech” is to say whatever you want without someone passing judgments on you (in a political sense it’s the government arresting you for an odd or new opinion). It’s so you can speak and talk about what is bothering you, what is on your mind, what you need to change and more importantly to be listened. There is no point of speaking if no one will listen.

This scale can be as big as communicating to the government and as small as communicating to your friends and family. Freedom of speech is a right. It’s a right that everyone deserves. When listening you don’t need to agree and you certainly don’t need to approve or change your perspective about an issue. However, you need to try understanding the other perspectives and at the very least strive to get the different views closer together somehow.  That’s why we are communicating, isn’t it? So we all can be happy.

Otherwise if people keep on passing judgments on others just because they have a different opinion than their own, then they are definitely not handing out the "freedom of speech” right that they demand. Remember how frustrated you were when you were misunderstood and couldn’t get to deliver your point?

If you want to be listened, then listen. It doesn’t help if only one side of the story is displayed on the table. It limits the imagination and smashes new valuable ideas.

In your next argument or negotiation, would you rather talk first or listen first? Would you ask for clarification if you didn’t understand or just stand still? Are you willing to change your mind or do you arrogantly believe that your judgments are the only right answers? 

Image Credits to Photographer: Renjith Krishnan

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