Saturday, March 12, 2011

Screw Possessions, Go for Experience

The things we want to get are endless. Literally, they are endless. If you buy a nice phone, the next week a more advanced phone is out in the market and then you find yourself wanting the new one. You buy some clothes and somehow the next summer they are just out of fashion or whatever. You buy some fancy brand and just a little later you want to buy the more expensive one. You prefer the more expensive car, watch, cloth, electronic gadget or anything that falls into the category of “stuff”. It’s like we prefer to buy stuff and always more of them.

I can understand the point that some people prefer the quality over quantity theory regarding the expensive choices. However, we will always come back to the main point, which is we always want more stuff. Not many people however want more experience. Experience meant in the sense of trying to do new activities such as a sport, a trip, an adventure or any activity that will stick back into your memory.

Take a moment and ask yourself, what was the last thing that you bought which made you really happy? A thing that when you think about, brings back good memories and draws a smile on your face. Do you remember it? Are you smiling now? Okay, now just sit for a moment and think about an activity you have done that made you happy; one that brings back some good memories. So, what now? Which brings you a better feeling in this very moment, stuff or experience? What makes you feel more alive?  

The things we buy sooner or later we throw away or else the happiness they have once brought fades by time. Very few sentimental pieces do we keep as souvenirs reminding us of some delightful experiences once took place. Experiences carry with them memories bringing us joy every time recalled. Simply, they are priceless.

It’s not that buying nice things are bad or anything, but what if you had to choose. What are your priorities? Would you buy more things or try something new? 

Image Credits to Photographer: photostock

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