Saturday, April 30, 2011

Creative Corner: The 100 Percent

I was born complete, so perfect and pure. My mind had no limits. I was so close to God; he just created me. My spirit was so positive. I was the perfect round. It was just the right shape. I then started to grow and instead of becoming 101 percent I became 99 percent. My completeness has just started to get wrecked. There is a circle right there of positive percents. I want to go there to be complete again. But the magnet of the negative circle on the other side keeps pulling me away. I see other 99s being pulled back. I try harder to resist the magnet. I want to go there with the positives. I want to be complete again. I keep on trying. The negative circle keeps pulling me back. I try harder. This time I am standing still. I am just standing still. The force of the negative is much stronger of that of the positive. It keeps trying to take me back. They want my 99 percent for them to be neutral, but I want to go there at the positive circle. I want to be complete again and I want to be better. I want to be 101. I want to keep on moving forward. I am still standing still. I have to try harder. It’s not working yet. There is something wrong I might be doing. I need to change the way I try. Maybe I need a tool or a new skill. I keep looking around but all I see is another 99. She is struggling too. We both started to drift to the back slowly. We are trying so hard but it is still not working. I look to her and I know it’s going to be okay. It’s not just me who is trying this hard. I take her hand and she gave me strength. I gave her strength. We exchanged that strength. We became 198 percent and together we are no longer drifted to the back. We are standing still. Wait a minute we are moving forward!

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