Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are We Driven by Fear?

The fear that was very minute when we were kids grows as we grow. It gets bigger and greater as each day passes leading us to miss everything that we wished one day we do. Because of the fear within us, we miss out on things and we play it safe. With that in mind, nothing is new and rarely do we be whoever we wanted to be leaving our souls drained in the pursuit of being secure. For some people you can see that flame in their eyes screaming desire declaring a dream while for many others all you will see many forms of saddened fear of

·         losing out
·         failing
·         letting go
·         losing loved ones
·         not having enough money
·         getting sick
·         choosing the wrong path
·         taking a decision
·         being hurt
·         pain
·         change
·         being loved
·         getting better
·         moving on
·         losing trust
·         betrayal
·         being lost
·         getting rapped
·         being mugged
·         looking different
·         getting fat
·         being skinny
·         getting sick
·         being dark
·         being lucky
·         getting disappointed
·         being happy
·         looking desperate
·         being vulnerable
·         getting strong
·         being rich
·         being misunderstood
·         standing out
·         letting someone down
·         trying something new
·         the unknown
·         losing what is already owned
·         And the list could go on and on and on…

A mere observation has made me wonder what is it that drives people to do what they do? I am not thinking fame, money or love. I am thinking is it fear that drives us or is it aspiration? Is it the safety or the desire to fulfill a dream despite all the troubles? Some people have that aspiration you can see it in their eyes, some are full of fear and some are losing that dream to the pitfall of being secure. Losing aspiration makes it so tasteless. 

Image Credits to Photographer: graur codrin

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