Saturday, April 16, 2011

But, Have You Tried?

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." – Albert Einstein

Does any of these sounds familiar?

·         “I can’t do it.”
·         “I am not smart enough.”
·         “I am not talented enough.”
·         “It is not the right time.”
·         “I am not well prepared.”
·         “There are other people who can do it better than me.”
·         “I am busy.”
·         “I have a lot of responsibilities.”
·         “I am going to fail.”

An inner voice inside our heads sometimes keep on saying those things to us. It may not come from the outside but indeed from the inner self. Who would we wish and long for success for more than ourselves? Alright, I know family and stuff. Seriously, you want yourself to be the best you could ever be. Don’t kid yourself. Though, I am not sure if what possess us is the longing for that achievement or is it really desire to get there.

Would someone be as content to just be having on mind that “one day I am going to achieve this or that” or is it that he/she is really working towards that goal? Everyone has dreams. Sometimes just daydreaming everyday of “what could be?” makes the soul feel alive even when we are barely doing anything to get there.

Have we come to that point where we, ourselves, have lowered the bar? Or, is it that we have become content with being the minimum? What really bothers me is do we even try?

At times we give up without even trying. We lose the battle before fighting. We lock ourselves down when we could set ourselves free. Luckily, with the huge responsibilities, obstacles, limitations and dependents, we can have a great list of excuses to offset those goals for “some later time”. Come to think about it, are we really lucky to have those excuses or are we unfortunate?

Then again, the question that should keep on playing over and over on our minds is “Have you even tried?”

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” 
– Anonymous

 Image Credits to Photographer: Michal Marcol

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