Monday, April 18, 2011

The Seven (7) Benefits of Travel

I have always wondered what the seven benefits of travel are. I have seen many people travel and I, myself, have traveled too, but I never really knew them. Are they something we acquire as we travel or are they reasons we travel? I am not sure.  So, I decided to find out what those benefits are and share them here.

  1. Reducing or Easing Worry, Sorrow and Depression
  2. Earning a Living
  3. Seeking Education
  4. Seeking to Learn About Other Manners, Culture and Literature
  5. Accompanying Good Companionship
  6. God Answers the Prayers of the Traveler  
  7. Visiting Relatives and Friends
  8. (Ops, there is an eighth one.) Escaping Humiliation and Disgrace in the Society Lived in 
Image Credits to Photographer: healingdream

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