Sunday, April 24, 2011

Skinny Jeans for Men? I Don’t Think So

It’s no secret that both fashion and shopping were invented for women. Women love to show off, look attractive and buy a lot of stuff. The fashion industry knows this and so they forever create reasons for women to go shopping and buy some more. There is always the winter season, the autumn season and so on. They even manipulate colors. This year the mod is purple. Are you wearing red? It was last year’s style.

Nowadays, it’s fashionable for women to wear the “slim-fit” or “skinny” jeans. Few years ago, it was the flare jeans cut. A little earlier it was the slim-fit cut again. It works great because then women will go buy them and look fashionable. It is acceptable and the society doesn’t have a problem with it. However, when it comes to promoting “skinny” jeans for men? I don’t get it and honestly big NO NO.

Fashion for men was simple. If you are going to a special occasion or a formal event, wear a Tuxedo otherwise wear casual. They only have to shave, put on a nice pair of shoes, wear a decent ironed clean t-shirt and just wear jeans or straight pants. That’s it. Men hate shopping and so they don’t put much thought into it. They go to the store like a shirt, never think twice and buy it immediately.

Now, somehow I don’t understand why this unspoken fashion contract with men is changing. They introduced skinny jeans for men! What is worse is that the formal wear hasn’t escaped this disastrous phenomenon. There are skinny formal pants as well!
Okay, maybe some slim-fit pants are not that tight. Still, they will only fit very skinny men. Most men are not skinny you know. They go to the gym and eat a lot of protein to be huge and stuff. All men want to look manly.

 Despite the fact that the above ones might for some be acceptable, they don’t fit the majority of the men population. Most of the pants and jeans in the stores to well known brands now are the slim-fit cut. So, the question is if a man wants to buy jeans, where would he get it from? You know the old straight jeans we all know.

If you are a guy and want to buy a decent pair of jeans, you will go to any store and will only find “slim-fit” cut or the “skinny” jeans. You ask for the straight cut and it is never there! It is not “fashionable” or “trendy” now I guess. Guys never cared about that! For all I know, they just want to get dressed as quickly as possible and want to spend as little time as possible doing shopping. That’s for most if not all of them. The question is why is the fashion industry giving them such a hard time to find straight cut jeans?

What I definitely know is that any market is driven by supply and demand. If the product, in this context the skinny jeans, is demanded, more of it will be supplied in the market. So, who buys those pants? The market is bombarded with those jeans and what is worse is that men are buying the freakish colors of bright green and pink pants. Seriously, where are all the men?

I sit and I try to think of reasons why men would want to buy skinny jeans and all I find are reasons not to.
-          He will not find a place to put his wallet, keys, phone or cigarettes.
-          If he is in a situation where would want to defend his girlfriend, sister, wife or whoever, he will find it hard if not impossible to fight.
-          What if he had to run for some urgent reason like someone is stealing his car or something?
-          It’s so damn tight. I don’t have to explain why it’s not healthy.
-          Girls don’t find it attractive and enough is said there.

 Last but not least, have a look at this.

Seriously, how would any of these men attract a woman? I don’t care if its fashion I don’t care about anything. This is just sad. 

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Anonymous said...

yay women get freedom and men dont -.-

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