Sunday, May 29, 2011

8 Reasons Businesses Should Barge in Online Marketing

Whether it is established or just starting up, any business that wants to sustain and gain new customers should highly consider online marketing. Long gone are the days where TV and print were all what it took to gain customers’ attention. With today’s online revolution, whenever a customer wants to make a purchase, all he/she has to do is just go check it online through its website, reviews, comments and complains from other customers and make a decision. Rarely do customers now watch TV advertisements as they record their favorite shows and fast forward the commercials. And besides, with having more and more online magazines and news outlets, fewer crowds are buying print.

It doesn’t matter if the business is fully orchestrated online such as e-commerce or provides an online service to utilize e-marketing. It just has to exist. Period. Then, no doubt, an online presence would add to its value. Whether it operates online or offline is not the issue.

So why should businesses barge in the online world now anyways?

1.       Online marketing can be done anywhere any time. You could reach both local and global markets 24/7 from the comfort of your own website.
2.       Different traditional media outlets such as print (newspapers, magazines, etc.), radio, TV, banners and others are much more costly than online marketing. In addition to that, it is not necessarily guaranteed that it will reach your target audience. Online marketing, on the other hand, is much cheaper as compared to traditional marketing and works to target the specific audience you intend to reach as it is highly customizable. Online marketing tactics are carefully planned and designed based on facts, feedback and engagement.
3.       Online marketing strategies are more measurable and so could be easily analyzed and adjusted in a shorter period of time to meet the business’s goals.
4.       Customers develop a high sense of trust and reliability towards a certain product, service or company if they can research and find answers to their concerns online.
5.       An online presence could be a gate for happier customers providing that you offer them with quality and fast feedback for better customer service.
6.       With integrating social media such as forums, comments, blogs, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks,  “Word of Mouth” couldn’t spread any easier. It is the best form of marketing since customers sincerely mean it when they say they are happy or not so happy about your product or service.  
7.       Online marketing could help you test the waters with your customers. Instant feedback could be given as soon as you publish the latest video of your upcoming product and therefore you could act fast accordingly.
8.       Online marketing provide online constant sources such as videos, articles, product descriptions or prices and other material all the time. Customers could easily find the information required such as special offers, telephone numbers, addresses or any other data with just a few clicks away.

No one remembers the few seconds’ promotion that has just been viewed on the TV while it only takes a glimpse for your customers to hit the search box from their computer or handheld device to find out what they need to know.  The bottom line is online marketing has become essential and your online presence means better customer satisfaction and more sales.

Hey, where did you keep the last brochure handed out to you?

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