Sunday, May 1, 2011

Creative Corner: Behind This Fence

From behind this fence, I saw her. She was looking at me. She adored me. I felt her wanting to pamper me to play with me to set me free but the locks were keeping her. I looked to her eyes and as she gazed into mine, she witnessed my hidden secret. A secret that was no different from everybody else's. 

She stared into my soul at which she saw how much loyalty and love I could give. She saw how much I was willing to defend my lover—the same lover that kept me behind this fence, in this prison. I heard her asking me why you would risk yourself for your lover. He only keeps you in this box until when he and only him alone decides to take you for a walk. She asked me why you are sitting here now waiting for the next time you will be set free temporarily and only under your lover’s rules. She asked me why you are putting up with this when you know you are stronger. I stared back at her and told her that this is what I chose. That is what I want. I am happy with it. I know I am. 

Then, I moved away from her. I couldn’t look back into her eyes. Her tender little eyes were full of nothing but sympathy, love and kindness to me. I could tell she loved me from the first sight. I turned away and tried to rest waiting for the next time I will go for a walk. I tried to sleep. I couldn’t. I knew she was still looking at me. I ignored her. I am happy with what I have. That is what I want. This is why I am here. I kept on turning from side to side only to admit that this was not my purpose. I slightly glanced back at her and told her this is not what I want. I never chose this. I was meant for something bigger but I am still here behind this fence—in this prison, at the same cage.

Image Credits to Photographer: Nicholas Tarling 

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Mr. Lee said...

Real writers write every day. I a pleased with what I see.

Sherwette Mansour said...

It means a lot coming from you Mr. Lee :) :) :)

Mohamed Hani said...

You painted a beautiful picture there.

Anonymous said...

Very nice idea …chapeau :)

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