Sunday, May 8, 2011

Creative Corner: A Coward Who Let It Flee

It started out with a little smile and ceased a sweet goodbye. It was misguided, misunderstood, it wasn’t even lean. It took him shorter but still longer than he would have seen. He dug in deeper. It was a skull in need. He kept on digging. It was so rigid but beneath was a fragile means. He was surprised to find it so delicate and was so blessed to see.

It spoke out louder than he thought it speaks. It scared him a bit. He backed up a bit. Then he let it come in closer and when he looked gently, he saw how young it was. He nurtured it. He supported it. It wasn’t just so bad. It was cultivating and a little rewarding. It was so simple and the truth that he have never seen. It was so beautiful. It was so innocent and real.

It looked up to him and when it did, he trembled. He hesitated. He was busy. It wasn’t time to be. It was likely a shuttle for the time to be. He backed up again. There was slightly a little hope to see, that’s what he thought it to be. He thought he couldn’t. He shut it down. He was petrified and so he let his dream flee. He told himself, “It wasn’t meant to be.” 

Image Credits to Photographer Mohannad Rabie

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