Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creative Corner: He Had a Dream Almost Gone in a Sip of Fun

He had a dream, a dream to be the king of time and put a legacy that none has done. It made him work hard and harder. It wasn’t always easy for him. He had to choose between fun and work. He had his dream and so he went to work. For times and times, he couldn’t remember a break he took. He didn’t care because his eyes were focused on the dream getting bigger day after day. He was blinded. He couldn’t care if he went to sleep or if he had eaten well as well. He didn’t mind as long as he had his eyes on the goal, the golden prize after all.

Until one day, he had a sip of it, a sip of fun. Yes, it was just a sip of fun. He remembered how great it felt to loosen up and to never mind. He felt so free and thought he had the answer. He didn’t need to be the king or leave a legacy. It was as simple as of being normal, of having fun and not caring much.  Living the moment. That’s what they called it. It felt so good and he left his work.  

For days and days, it was a relief. He didn’t need to meet a deadline. He was happy and threw away the dream. The dream he worked so hard for years and years. Few months have passed and then he felt something was missing. He wasn’t happy. Guess what happened? He went to have a meal of fun. It didn’t work and he felt more down.

A chance came by to give him a light, to guide him back to his forgotten dream. He let it go as he remembered how hard it was. He forgot the legacy and lost the goal. The dream he had years and years was getting smashed. He wanted to be the normal guy who had his fun. He clung his head to the easy road as he was afraid of going through what he had before.

The easy road wasn’t easy at all. It made him feel miserable and nothing like he felt before. An empty vase that couldn’t hold water for a single rose. He lost his purpose and that’s when he realized it wasn’t the easy path that he was destined to follow. He remembered his dream. It was his dream that he had to lead. His eyes glowed brighter and his heart kept on beating. He felt alive for once again but this time it wasn’t a sip of fun. It was a sip of his dream that he hoped to save before it died and is completely gone. 

Image Credits tograur razvan ionut

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