Sunday, May 8, 2011

Creative Corner: It’s Okay to Slip a Tongue

I wasn’t mature
When I let you get control
You made me endure
Because you wouldn’t let me play my role
I want to rewind
To remove the shield
That made me blind only to yield
But it wouldn’t work
It is dark outside
And I don’t feel alright
All I got now are some fears
Which I have no choice but to bear
And then drop some more tears
But how is it going to be?
Lying on bed,
Looking ahead to being dead?
Or stopping the red instead?
It’s a long ride
You have lived enough on the side
It’s time to make it slide
And start not to abide
Get mad
Be glad
And no longer be sad
You might want to sing a song
I will play along
You are young
It may sound wrong
But it’s okay to slip a tongue

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