Saturday, May 28, 2011

KMFTech: An Open Source Startup that Will Revolutionize the Use of Micro-Controllers

KMFTech is an emerging open source startup (Code license GNU GPL v2) aiming to revolutionize the use of micro-controllers. KMFTech will transform the use of micro-controllers in various industry applications including automotive, aerospace and robotics.

It works to deliver an embedded systems architecture that solves the problem engineers face when reusing the code for different micro-controller types. Prior to KMFTech, engineers will have to change the whole software, applications and drivers’ code for each type. By implementing a lower-level layer, KMFTech will shift the focus to application design regardless to the micro-controller type.

KMFTech has recently announced that the lower-layer software will be generated automatically through a GUI tool allowing engineers to easily configure and customize the lower-layer software components. Subscribe to KMFTech mailing list for more future product updates.

KMFTech is in its early starting phase through which it is divided into two teams, Software team and Hardware team. Contribution is highly welcomed at KMFTech, whereby you can always find an updated status of its work along with its Wiki at the official website. In order to contribute, you will need to request a membership from the mailing list provided. 

KMFTech Company Background:

KMFTech is an open source startup founded by Karim Mansour, an embedded software engineer, in April 2011.

KMFTech Logo:

KMFTech logo describes the company’s mission for constant innovation and contribution to tomorrow’s technology advancements.  KMF stands for the slogan “Keep Moving Forward” and Tech stands for “Technology”.

Official Website:

For more updates, visit KMFTech’s Facebook Page or follow its Twitter

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