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QNet Representatives Success Secrets and Brainwashing Techniques (Part 1)

Please Note that this article is originally written (in Arabic) by a former QNet reprehensive who worked as Independent Representative (IR) for 3 weeks. This is an English translation to it. To read the original article, please click here:  

Embrace yourself, it is along read but it’s worth it. I thought it was worth having an English version of it.

Okaaay!!! “Welcome to QNet. Congratulations.” These are the first words you will hear once you ‘Sign up’. “Now, it is very easy to do this business. The first thing you need to do is to tell all your friends and relatives about this opportunity and convince them to join your network. However, if you really want to be a millionaire and be it fast, or in other words, if you want to be a millionaire within 1 year instead of 4 years, you need to learn how to do ‘Presentations’. You will have to do at least 15 Presentations each month. Always remember the ‘SW Rule’ (Someone Will, Someone Won’t, So What, Someone is Waiting). Don’t ever give up. You have to make as many people possible join in your ‘Downline’ network in order to win. WIN A LOT.”

Simply, this article is entirely written based on the documents I received from my ‘Upline’ (but I wrote it in different format). Just like my ‘Upline’ got them from her ‘Upline’. Just like you will have to provide it for your ‘Downline’—so that, they too will make A LOT OF MONEY and we all be SUCCESSFUL and change our lives forever for the best.

This article will clarify to you exactly how to convince anyone on how to join this business. It’s simply (just between you and me) how to brainwash and persuade anyone that something as silly and meaningless as this business can actually be the opportunity of his/her life that he/she has always dreamed of achieving.

I just want to clarify to you upfront that while reading this article you might come across some words written in red. Don’t worry at all. This is so the envious and jealous people who envy the tremendous and massive success created by us (Qnet people) would read and understand this article.

Before anything, make sure that the one you’ll be explaining this business to be seated on your right side not your left! Why? My ‘Upline’ told me: “This is because the brain has two sides, the right one is the logical practical one while the left one is the emotional one. So, when the ‘Prospect’ sits and you (QNet IR) are sitting on his left side, his brain will be working emotionally or intuitively and not practically or logical. Good idea! It’s coming from an ‘experienced’ Upline. She has been in the business for a year and half now. She should be filthy rich by now. I just don’t understand. How come she is driving this crappy car? Oh, I get it. She doesn’t want people to be ‘envious’ of her.

After that, you will say the following:

1.       “Would you please switch off your phone so we can ‘concentrate’? (Most people will get pissed at this request but give it a try anyways.)”
2.       “By the way, I wouldn’t try to convince you to do anything. You are here to convince yourself.”
3.       “Also, you will see a lot of huge monetary numbers. It’s real and I will proof it.” (Hahahahah, in your dreams)
4.       “The brain is like the parachute. It works only when it’s opened.” (May God blow up your brains)

Next, you ask him, “Why do people start any business?” and then write the following answers:

-          Extra Income
-          Freedom to spend their money
-          To own their own business
-          To have more free time
-          To improve their personality and skills
-          For early retirement
-          To help others
-          To meet new people

He might choose one or two or even all of them. What’s important though is to let him do the talking. Let him talk and you have to remain silent. The goal is to know how he thinks and learn about his dreams and ambitions. (This is how you can brainwash the victim to join the ‘business’ not by logical means). Help him talk about his inner dreams throughout asking those 5 questions:

1.       What is your no. 1 priority?
2.       Why did you choose it?
3.       Why is it important to you?
4.       What are the consequences of not having or accomplishing this priority?
5.       Would not accomplishing this dream cause you any troubles or worries?

The point is to let him do the talking and let out all his dreams, and more importantly let him feel the importance and great significance of his dreams and accomplishing them. It may be his first and only opportunity he had to discuss about his dreams.  Make it his idea not yours. Search for his personality keys. You may be the first one to ask him about his dreams so let him talk and talk.

Now, you start to explain a cheap idea. The goal of it is to make him hate his life. It is for you to make him think that any other respectful job or career that can be helpful to the economy of the country (and him) is useless. The only hope to achieve his dreams is through this business and this business only.

Here is how it is done:

E= An employee whose expenses are more than his current income. His boss is giving him a hard time, etc.

S=A small business owner who also has to go to work every day (as if it is a crime now). His business may go bankrupt and his income isn’t that high either.

B = Big businessman like Bill Gates. Endless money. He might not go to work for a month and still makes profit.

I = Big Investor, also like the businessman who has more than enough money.

S & E has the job safety (receive a salary at the end of each month) and B & I has freedom and loads of money!

After that, ask him: “A person may reach from E to S to B to I in how many years?” (You have to draw and point with the arrows as you speak).  He will say a random number. Tell him, “Theories/Studies say from about 30-40 years.” (Which theories exactly, I am not sure and don’t get it to be honest. Anyways, no one understands anything anyways). This is also so you would gloom up his life and get him to think that there is no way out of his miserable life, which he actually never suffered or felt it was miserable at all before this meeting (This is brainwashing—to convince someone with things and ideas he didn’t want from the start).

So, how to solve this problem? “There is a business that could solve this difficult equation in about 3-5 years only.” He might respond by saying, “Investing in assets or the stock market could do that”. In this situation, you have to act fast and wrap things up with him. What assets? What stock market? Anything that can build the country’s economy? No no. You answer him and say, “These kinds of investments need a huge startup capital and contain huge risks. (Of course, it wouldn’t be mentioned that the failure rate for this business may reach up to 96% and that kind of investment contains tremendous risk. Isn’t it? Hushhh.. Don’t tell him about that now. He will also know it from you, but later after he has joined the business and paid of course. Just so you would proof to him that it’s not a joke and requires a lot of effort, as a form of motivation.)

Ask him, “Have you ever heard about Donald Trump? He is one of the biggest businessmen in America and wrote a book called ‘Why We Recommend Network Marketing?’.” This is so he would know that big businessmen recommend this successful form of business. (First of all, it’s not a book, it is an article. Second and more importantly, Donald Trump intends the network marketing with legal and right economic and scientific means not pyramid schemes like QNet).

Ask him another question, “Have you heard about this world statistics?” (Which statistics and what is your source exactly. God only knows!)

After that, write those statistics from down upwards. This is to show him how someone could get from the bottom (poor) up (being filthy rich):

0.1% are in the positive zone: Meaning that their income is much more than their expenses.
2.9% are in the neutral zone: Meaning that their income equals their expenses.
97% are in the negative zone: Meaning that their income is less than their expenses.

“The goal of this business is to get you out of the negative zone (emphasis on the negativity) to the positive zone.” Of course, you have noticed that there hasn’t been a single word uttered about the business or the company plan up until this point. It’s only means and information to use people’s dreams and ambitions to convince them that their current life is “negative” whereby the only solution or way out of this misery is through joining this lacking business.

These have been the first two pages from the documents my ‘Upline’ handed out to me to learn how to do ‘Presentations’. I will stop here for now because this issue is lengthy. However, this is only the first part. There will be consecutive parts for more inner success secrets for QNet representatives.

Note: If you need to ask for further clarifications or questions from the original author of this article, please click here to join his group on Facebook: QNet, TRUE OR FALSE

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Mehran said...

Hello Sherwette,

Thanks for another great article. I believe there is a small typo in the last section of this article. It should be 97% in the negative zone, and not 9.7%.

Best Regards.

Sherwette Mansour said...

Done. Thanks Mehran :)

Anonymous said...

hi mehran can you please please upload the futher parts to this..

Vera said...

Such nonsense. I am sure you cannot succeed in any business!!what business do you know that even has 50% success rate??Its very hard to be successful so you come here and create weird articles to make people believe they cannot make it through network marketing!I am in Qnet, I haven't made it yet, I am not driving a very good car yet, but it is definitely giving me and my family the much needed extra income and is a source of income to some of my friends who do it full time. So why dont you give us another solution then by tellinh us what works, what has 100% success rate without much effort then we can all join that!!!!!

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