Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creative Corner: She Gave Him Her Pencil Instead

When they first met, he asked for her pen. She gave him her pencil instead. He asked her, “Don’t you know the pen is permanent? Don’t you want us to be permanent?” She told him, “My pencil will be permanent too but today it isn’t just yet.”  He held on for a second. He was confused. He asked her, “How is that? You could write everything you want with this pencil and still erase it whenever you wish. The eraser is right here—attached to this pencil.”

She asked him, “Can you see how sharpened this pencil is?” He answered, “Yes.” She told him, “That is what’s between you and me. It’s sharpened. It’s perfect. It’s clear. It could write the perfect story.” He told her, The pen is perfect too. It could write our perfect story and it’s permanent. No one can wipe it away.” She told him, “What about the injuries and the mistakes? Don’t we need second chances?” He looked into her eyes and said, “We wouldn’t need second chances. We are staying together forever.”

She told him, “But we just met. The pencil will keep us free but not for long.” She disappointed him. He was still confused and asked her, “Why would you want to be free?” She answered, “So you can see my flaws and so I can see yours. It’s the only way that we can have second chances.”

He became irritated and angry too and said, You want another chance, with someone else?” She said, “No, I want another chance with you. So we can make mistakes and erase them too. So, you could forgive me and I forgive you too, but we can’t have too many mistakes for so long.” He asked, “How?” She answered, “We can make mistakes and correct them only for as long as this eraser works. You can sharpen my pencil again, but once that eraser is gone, everything you write will be permanent. It couldn’t be erased and second chances wouldn’t work no more.”

Image Credits to Photographer: ningmilo

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Mohamed Hani said...

i'm out of words, i read this 3 times in a row...

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