Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creative Corner: Until They Had to Choose a Road to Cross

They were always together to defend each other. It was fun and light until a special night has arrived. At that night, they had to choose a road to cross to the other side. There were two ways, ‘left’ and ‘right’. Each had something in his mind and thought the other would like to follow his ride. But to their surprise, it was nothing like they have designed. One considered the ‘left’ while the other considered the ‘right’.

Ops, they were misjudged. Ali kept on asking Sam to defend his choice, to tell him why he had to pick the ‘right’. He wanted him to follow him to the ‘left’ instead. Both had different insights and neither swayed the other on why it was best to change direction.

Each had his own perception and neither wanted to separate to reach to the other side. It was time to split, for each to go to his opposite direction. Ali felt so sad and miserable. He didn’t want them to divide. They had been hand in hand for so long.  But Sam knew what was to be done and told Ali, “If we go together, we would both be right or we would both be wrong. Instead, let’s each take a different road and then for sure one of us would be right.”

Image Credits toanankkml

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Mohannad Rabie said...

so nice and crystal clear idea and using easy words and great flow that keep the reader attention.. good job

Sherwette Mansour said...

Thanks :)

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