Friday, June 3, 2011

Creative Corner: Do or Die Until It Had a Safety Net

Having always to jump through hoops, it didn't have a choice but to try to do the best because otherwise it will die like the rest that were left behind. There was no other option but to compete for the top until one time it had a reward, a reward that was given to it because it was on top. The reward sounded good, felt good and tasted so damn good.

The reward was a safety net, a safety net so that if it happened and fell, it wouldn’t die like the rest. The safety net was a comfy bed. Comfy enough for it to stay in it and forget about being at the top and just take a rest.

It kept on scratching to reach the peak because at the back of its mind, it knew it had to be on top. Each time, it wasn’t successful. It knew it will fall back on its comfy safety net and so it really didn’t try its best.

It didn’t realize that its safety net wasn’t the reward it deserved until later at the scene. It was its curse, a curse that prevented it from climbing to the peak because it had a comfy bed. The safety net wasn’t a comfy bed; it was a rope that tied and dragged it to the back. It then knew it had to cut that rope loose to start moving ahead and so it did.   

Image Credits tor: Vlado

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