Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is Adaptability What You Think It Is?

Adaptability is a very broad subject and perhaps one of the most “important” traits to be in any “successful” person. It is always perceived as a person who is “flexible” and able to go with the flow. Someone who is able to change plans on the go and that is one of the very critical criteria for any entrepreneur to be a success.

Adaptability a personal trait that portrays its holder as being able to be at any place with anyone doing what needs to be done—adaptability in the sense of living in the “Now” and being lenient in the future. Not living in the past. Not living in the future.

I agree. I totally agree except some misunderstand this concept and submit.

Some just give up to the current circumstances and call it being able to “adapt” when in fact they have just given up. Until I read a blog post “Adopt vs. Adapt” by Seth Godin, I haven’t really had a more perfect definition of someone who adapts by surrendering as opposed to being lenient.

An early adopter seeks out new ideas and makes them work.
An adapter, on the other hand, puts up with what he has to, begrudgingly.
One is offense, the other is defense. One requires the spark of curiosity, the other is associated with fear, or at least hassle.

I understand that an “adopter” in this sense doesn’t really relate to adaptability.  Adopting is a whole different concept of welcoming the new into the existing for further enhancement. However, I really think the “adapter” definition shows the other side of the coin, which brings me to this question: Is adaptability what you think it is?

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