Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HarassMap Helps Spot Sexual Harassment Areas in Egypt

Any girl who lives in Egypt has somehow been subjected to sexual harassment. It doesn’t have to be to the extreme. It could be a look or a brief comment that ruined her morning. It is her right to be able to walk freely in the streets of her own country without being scared but unfortunately that is not the case. 

Many people have previously realized and acknowledged this issue but none has taken the steps to do something about it until a great team of volunteer activists have gathered to launch HarassMap. It is an application where you could anonymously report sexual assault or harassment through an SMS based on location and the level of the harassment to forewarn other ladies. You could also report by other means such as sending an email, a tweet or filling an online form.

Besides viewing previous reports at specific locations, you could also get location based customized alerts so you would be notified for future updates. Ladies, now you could easily spot the abuse hotspots to avoid. 

I am personally so proud of this application and I believe many girls will benefit from it.

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