Friday, July 22, 2011

I Just Want to Get to Know You

Every day we get introduced to new people. Okay, maybe not every day but every once in a while. Perhaps if you have just moved to a new place or entered a new community. Naturally, people would be interested to get to know you. Well, that’s if they are interested in you. So, what do they do?

I like to think if I want to get to know someone, I would discuss goals, dreams, ambitions, skills, interests, achievements, perceptions, and opinions and so on. This is how you get to know a person, the deeper version of him/her.

But many people don’t follow this version of “getting to know each other”. Instead, they would be more interested to know what do you work, what does your parents do, what does your family do in general, what kind of car do you drive, where do you live, where do you go for holidays, where do you buy your cloth and so on.

By trying to get the answers to these materialistic questions, they deceive themselves into understanding what “culture” do you come from when in reality they are just forming judgments based on your materialistic possessions. They would say, “I just want to get to know you” which makes me wonder do they really want to get to know you when in reality they are forming their own limited perceptions based on only one side of the story—their side of your story? 

Image Credits to: Ambro

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