Saturday, September 3, 2011

Body Language of the Nose

Body language is fascinating, especially if you try to understand and interpret it. So much could be said without a single word being uttered. People like to conceal their thoughts and feelings for many reasons but every now and then they just forget about what they reveal with their body language. Sometimes even without their consent. If you take a closer look, you may know it all or even a little tiny bit of the truth.

The face and the head can tell so much. So, I decided I am going to start from there. Today, I am going to tell you only about the nose.

If you think the nose couldn’t tell much then you are wrong. It could tell if you are disgusted, bored, angry, interested and much more. Here is how it works.

Flared nose could mean that the person is
·         Agitated & angry,
·         Experiencing extreme displeasure,
·         Or is making an internal judgment about something

Wrinkled nose could mean that the person is
·         Smelling a bad smell,
·         Or is generally repulsed with a bad thought/idea.

Sniffing nose could mean that the person is
·         Sick and having a cold (a little sympathy would be good),
·         Disgusted,
·         Or displeasured.

Nose twist to either side could mean that the person
·         Disagrees or dislikes what’s offered on the table.

Touching the nose could mean that the person is
·         Experiencing a bad smell somewhere nearby,
·         Rejecting an idea or someone,
·         In doubt,
·         Lying,
·         Or trying to hide something, watch out!

Pinching bridge of the nose, eyes closed could mean that the person is
·         Doing some negative evaluation,
·         Or is in pain.

Pressing the nose could mean that the person is
·         Thinking.

Follow up with me for more body language tips ;)

Image Credits to: Michal Marcol

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