Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Comparison Is an Ugly Ugly Thing

 While it is okay to compare candidates for acceptance letters in schools or for offering them a job, comparison might be the worst motivator of all times.

Our capabilities are beyond what could be written on a piece of paper or even shown in a video. They are far beyond a simple piece of art created or a project completed. They are way past our own imagination which we will not realize a bit of it unless we try something new.

What strikes my attention is that so many of us, just so many of us compare ourselves to others in selected traits or accomplishments. A single trait that might exist in another could make us self-doubt our capabilities. Am I good enough?

Alright, maybe you are not good enough in this particular skill. Maybe you are even better than him/her that you just compared yourself to. But you just don’t know it because you haven’t tried.

We admire things in others that we long we have. However, the real question is, did you just want to be as good as him/her because you really want to or because it has hit you that it would be great to be that good?

Comparison let us lose our track on what makes us great and deprive us from embracing the differences. What makes us great is within us. Sometimes we don’t know it because we have settled in our comfort zone. Some other times we don’t know because we are afraid to take the risk. At other times we are lazy to take the next step because it sounds hard enough—and that is, I might say, the worst of all of them. 

Comparison is an ugly ugly thing, unless it is not done. 

Image Credits to: piyato

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
I really wanted to read something like this these days.

Mohammed Osman

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Hagar said...

Great as usual
Thanks :)

Sherwette Mansour said...

Thanks Sweetie :) Hope everything is great with you :)

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