Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Cairo

Dear  Cairo,

It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault, they say they love you. It’s only words they have. It’s not your fault the only thing they want is money for their personal pleasure. They want it so they would buy some more food to throw away its waste on your streets, to get more cloth to be torn away by their habits, to get more cars to crowd up your streets, to build more factories to pollute your air.

It’s not your fault they drive away your visitors with their nasty habits. It’s not your fault they create the rules and policies but never follow them. It’s not your fault they have lost their values.

It’s not your fault they said they love you and you believed them.

They keep on writing on your walls believing they are decorating you. They keep on putting advertisements on your highways so accidents would happen. It’s not your fault they have made your streets rip the tires of everything moving on them. It’s not your fault they have thrown every waste on your Nile so your trees would die before they grow. It’s not your fault they create shows and write papers to get into a competition of who loves you more.

They keep on saying we will collect money to help your poor children, to build them a better housing, to teach your future generations, to save the sick and to do this and to do that. They keep on collecting everything under the name of your love, of your future, so you would flourish. It’s not your fault you haven’t seen anything but only words just words.

You have only seen songs declaring how much they love you, only shows showing how much they fight for you, only movies showing how much they have sacrificed for you. It’s not your fault everywhere is becoming more beautiful and you are being buried by the false hope of promised love. It’s not your fault they lie to get you. You are much more than you are given credit for. You are being treated much less than you deserve.

It’s not your fault they say the best thing in you is the people when only those people are killing you right now, right here. Their words are so loud, their screams are so strong, and they can’t hear you cry—your last cry for help. They can’t hear you.  

It’s not your fault. 

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