Friday, September 23, 2011

One Step Behind

When I buy a fridge, a computer or software, I don’t plan to buy another one right away. Unlike food, I buy food in the morning for breakfast and I still buy food in the afternoon for lunch. I will buy food tomorrow and after tomorrow.

While buying food, a drink or any of the daily consumable products, I still have room to change my mind next time which isn’t so far away. It makes sense for producers and competitors to try to win me to their side by offering similar and slightly better products. I can easily change my mind tomorrow.

Once I buy a product that I plan to use it for a long time, I want some peace. Product competitors don’t get that. Once a new competitor enters the market with an innovative product; they want to copy it, add some features to it, make you hate what you just bought, and try to convince you to use their new product, which isn’t very new. They copied the originally innovative product in the first place.

This plan often fails. If it worked, it makes them No. 2 in providing that particular product or service if they were good enough. This makes me think if I am going to put that much effort to become the second in line for something that already exists why don’t I put that same effort to become the first in something that no one knows they need yet?     

Image Credits to: digitalart

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