Saturday, September 3, 2011

Viewing Art Is Just Like Falling in Love

Perhaps many of us live in a messy room, go to work watching the ugly neighborhood streets or have clean empty walls at home. Some would like to adapt the “modern” style of houses where everything is clean and simple. Not much art or d├ęcor.

We might think that being surrounded by beauty is good and maybe a little relaxing but not that important. It turns out art could give you more than just a relaxed mood.

A recent research by Professor Semir Zeki might change your perspective a little about art. Zeki found out that viewing art triggers dopamine, a feel-good chemical that gives intense feeling of pleasure just like the one you have when falling in love. This rings a bell about chocholate as well. Eating chocolate can also trigger a chemical (phenylethylamine) your brain creates when falling in love.

Who says you need to be in love to be happy? Grab a chocolate bar and get yourself to that art exhibit every once in a while and you are good to go!

Image Credits to: YaiSirichai

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