Friday, October 7, 2011

Agile Development for Organizations and Individuals

Agile development is pretty much everywhere and both organizations and employees need to realize it before it’s already too late. Long gone are the days when an employee gets hired, goes to work, knows where his/her desk is for the next 5 years and does the same shore over and over again till perhaps retirement. We are not living the industrial revolution anymore.

Organizations now should realize that in this dynamic information revolution, everything is learnable. In fact, everything is available that it is so scary. It doesn’t matter who learnt what in the past. It’s about who is willing to learn what in the future. It’s about who is flexible enough to fit a new environment, to adapt a new technology and to change a whole strategy.

In this process, organizations find it very challenging to find, hire and keep employees who are equipped with skills that will make them compete among their competitors. It’s about creating the right environment and providing the right resources with the right motivation to constantly encourage innovation and more importantly keep their valuable employees.

On the other hand, employees now have nothing else but to choose to develop. Otherwise, the running race will be a lost cause. Organizations are looking for innovation, differentiation and excellence. If an employee was not keen enough to constantly work on himself/herself, eventually he/she will be cornered.

Attitude is everything. Skill matching is a must if innovation is to happen. Therefore, both organizations and individuals should very carefully choose where they work to best suit their interests, values and skills. 

Image Credits to: renjith krishnan

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