Friday, October 28, 2011

Creative Corner: That Beautiful Middle Window

For years, I had that window structured; structured in the middle, at the center, right in the heart of the whole world. It was beautiful, full of life. I could hear the sound of the laughter the serenity all without a cry.

Day after day, I watched through that window. I stop, stare and dream. It had that escapee image until one day came a stranger to this town. I met him; he was thrown away by the beauty he has never seen and asked about that little garden right around the corner.  I didn’t get it. What was he talking about? I have never seen it before. He told me you are missing much missing it.

I dug another window through my wall, right around the corner, to see that garden the stranger has told me about. I saw it. I missed so much. I told myself. I have missed so much all these years I haven’t been looking at that splendid sight right around the corner. I decided I am going to dig more windows, in every corner around the house. I dug. Each day, I had a new window. I saw a new face and each time there was something more that I have been missing.

I haven’t realized that for all those years, I have been imprisoned by all those walls around that single window, that beautifully perfect centered window. I climbed the stairs; I went to the roof to reach for the sky to see the whole world without a single wall. 

Image Credits to: Ambro

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Mohamed Hani said...

Cherish the moments of the stranger you met, as he showed you what you have missed

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