Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Concept of Poor vs. Rich Revised

Give me a choice, you make me rich. Take it away, you leave me poor.

It’s as simple as that.

One universal method of measuring how rich or poor you are can be determined in monetary values. How much you make? How much you have in the bank? And so forth.

It’s not just that. With enough monetary income enabling you to survive, you have secured the widely known measurement of how poor or rich you are. Being rich is about choice. It’s about freedom to choose. It’s about having options. It’s about learning the skills you wanted to learn and doing the things you wanted to do.

But then again, what if you have just enough money to choose, to view the varieties and be luxurious enough to select whichever matches your taste? What if you have gotten that but you don’t have the time. You are poor then. Only then you are poor.

Being poor is about being limited and denied. It’s not necessarily only about money though. 

Image Credits to: scottchan

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