Saturday, February 4, 2012

Too Much Connectivity

Too much connectivity all the time; it’s hard to miss a thing if you don’t want to miss a thing. It’s a shame if you didn’t catch it because it’s right there, two clicks away.  

Then if that is the case with every single thing in our lives then how come are we going to manage being connected all the time with everything that needs to be done? Too much connectivity then turned to much more responsibility, much more expectations from us and way too much stress to be handled.

Multitasking is a key attribute required but what’s more important is a structured profile. A highly organized mind needs focus with attention to detail not a scattered mind distracted by “multitasking” unrelated tasks to the current doing.  

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Mahmoud Elfar said...

I guess too much connectivity kills the mind and spirit. The flow of information makes me shut down my mind, and - at the end - I can barely remember nothing about anything. That reminds me of "extreme ways" to Moby:
"I closed my eyes and closed myself, And closed my world and never opened up to anything that could get me along. I had to close down everything, I had to close down my mind. Too many things to cover me, too much can make me blind.."
And what about privacy and my full right to have some peace of mind without answering phone calls or replying to facebook walls? that's a long story to tell..

Sherwette Mansour said...

It's so true. Creativity is hindered and productivity slows down and the sad part is that expectations are always set to be available all the time.

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