Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Design

 A good design makes it easier, makes it simple and sometimes breezy.

How many times have we used something and just couldn’t figure out why on earth it isn’t getting through? Why can’t it work? We think we know how it should be done but instead somehow we end up pulling our hair trying to un-puzzle the riddle.

Many designs are overlooked. In fact, if those who make things know how much they are missing and how much damage they might be causing from throwing the universe with such poor designs, they would have put good design as the number one priority in their end product.

Here is what good design will do for you:

·         Good design will connect people together.
·         Good design will bring cheer.
·         Good design will encourage further usage.
·         Good design will improve the learning rate.
·         Good design will increase sales.
·         Good design will save time.
·         Good design will increase efficiency.
·         Good design will boost productivity.

And let’s all not forget that above all
Good design is easy for your eyes

And here is how bad design will treat you:

·         Bad design will cost lives.
·         Bad design will bring accidents.
·         Bad design will cause injuries.
·         Bad design will waste time.
·         Bad design will cost money.
·         Bad design will cause problems.
·         Bad design will degrade your quality of life.
·         Bad design will cause pain.

Whether it’s a graphical user interface for a piece of a software application, an ATM machine, a car design, an airplane, a house, a street,  a pen or even a coffee mug, good design always pays off.

Good design is invisible. 
It soothes your soul. It brings you joy!

Image Credits to: Keerati

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