Monday, June 11, 2012

A Persona Could Be Your Muse

When designing a new product, writing a story or portraying an image, having a persona will make it better, much more real.

What is a persona anyways?

A persona is a model, a model in your mind. A model you make real; a model driving you to create a new piece of art, a new piece of innovation.

When you want to design, write a story or portray an image, you want to feel it. You want it to be real. You want it to be believed. This how you create your persona. You give her demographic information, things that motivate her, beliefs, intentions, behavior, goals, aspirations and ambitions.

Draw a picture of your persona in your mind or on paper. She could even be your stuffed doll.  Give her a name, an occupation, a background, a story. Learn about her hopes, dreams and goals. Be her friend. Know her. How she thinks? What she does?

By doing this, you build empathy between you and your character, your model. It will help you understand her emotions, mind, beliefs, and philosophy in life. It will help you understand her point of view.

You will develop a relationship and empathy with your persona.  Empathy that will help you create a better design, a deeper story and a more authentic image.

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